25 August 2009

Farah's Virgin Karaoke.

Fuhhh, Smelly just left me home alone. Bel came to pick her up and speaking of Bel, I really miss his lamb chop badly wtf. No la, the truth is thats the only thing that reminds me of Bel hehe. Anyway, I had a superb awesome time yesterday. Two things to be happy about because.. 1) I spent damn little money compared to the past few months. 2) I went to karaoke with a sorethroat and yet this morning when I woke up, my voice did not turned sexy yay!

cSeong was being such an angel yesterday. He did not turned pissssed when I guided him the wrong direction to Farah's house and we ended up at federal highway HAHAHAHAHA. Picked Farah up after u-turning and getting lost a couple of times wtf. Met up with Ian in Pyramid and headed off for some food at Papparich.

Farah, who looked damnnnnnnnnnn streesssseddd upp in Chor Dai Di.

Ian, the sepet eyed boy.

Peiwuon: "Oii, faster la! You sure you know how to play ah!? SO SLOW ONE!!"
Ian: "Okok sorry!"
(Peiwuon pls do not kill me hehe)

BigBoobiesBusuk and FatVivi.

Sohai Ian.

Then, we headed over to Redbox where Xingrou joined us. Poor girl she was sitting down at a corner and she didn't even sing a single word wtf wtf wtf. The rest of the Omega girls couldn't joined us and Saby ffk-ed us all! Good job, Saby! We wuv youu.

Too lazy for captions. Visuals only.


You're a loser if you don't click play wtf. FARAH THE AWESOME!!

Xingrou and her dry 'martini'.

Everyone was super tired and we couldn't even finish all the songs we key-ed in. SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROMOTION ROCKS WTF! No doubt, Greenbox is obviously 10x way better than Redbox. Redbox's sound system is getting crappy. But why issit that redbox always has cute guys and greenbox doesn't? New spotted JJ-replacement hahahahahaha!

Farah made me felt damn shy wtf becos when we wanted to order drinks, this cute guy came in and hehe after I made my order, I ran into the corner of the room and told Sherlyn that his cute but wtf wtf wtf Farah used the mic and she actually said, "Excuse me, she thinks you're good looking!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Damn funny can die wtf. Bid our goodbyes to Xingrou and Ian and went over to Auntie Anne's to chit chat.

We waited and waited but Ryan did not appeared wtf! Peiwuon's mum came to fetch us and tadaaaa! That sums up yesterday. A freaking long post with 44 pictures and readers better appreciate this. To show your appreciation, please click on the advertisements by nuffnang you see on this blog. If you really love spamming, this is your time to spam!!


Okay babai.

Loves, V.

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