12 August 2009


Undergoing some boring business at home. Sleeping only after midnight and waking up in the noon. The routine is repititive and its going to be the same for the coming days until school officially re-opens. Should be studying for the upcoming SPM Trial but all my books are left in school especially my textbooks. The homeworks have been piling up even after dropping 2 subjects FML.

God, I feel like shopping. The last time I shopped is probably 2 months ago wtf! Must be wondering why did I stopped. Hmm, it all started in one fine day when Smelly said that Safari eats up lots of the spaces and is retarded. She suggested using Opera so happily downloaded Opera and deleted Safari and cleared my bin yay. Little did I realize that, I saved all my favo blogshops in Safari's bookmark and we happily deleted it JUST LIKE THAT. Looking on the brighter side, she made me stopped shopping for 2 months but at the same time, she's actually my creditor wtf wtf. I still owe her quite some cash hahahahaha.

Anyway, found this from Cheesie's blog.

WTF IS A VAIN CHAP WTF WTF. Although I tried googling "vain chap" and nothing came out but vain chap doesnt sound like a nice word wtf.

Loves, V.

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