30 August 2009


I am not emo -_-

Loves, V.

29 August 2009

I hate Esther. I really do.

I might sound like some crazy bitch right now but you've no idea how much I hate Esther. She doesn't even have the mind to think wtf. For someone who have no ballz like me, I would not encourage you to watch it because that show is disgusting to the max. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Peiwuon and I was hugging each other throughout the whole movies. Esther is sick. I am super scared right now and all I can ever think of right now is.. Esther might be standing behind of me..........


This stupid movie is taking over my mind. I don't know how was the movie. I do not know how to rate horror movie at all.. It should be good I think? It scares me wtf. I don't think Yeesam or Fats was scared? No they weren't and they shouldn't be anyway.

"Help me, mummy! I don't wanna die.."
"I am not your fucking mummy!!!!!! *kicks Esther's head*"

"You're a great dad, John. *plays around with John's hair*"

Horrified, V.

28 August 2009


Hi world,

I haven't been good lately. Mentally to be exact. I have been on this constant moodswings and its official that my emotional controls me not me controlling them anymore. I cried so badly watching Love Connected (保持爱你)yesterday. Its some stupid HK romance movie that basically doesn't make any sense but yet I don't know how did the tears roll down like an opened tap water and I couldn't stop it at all wtf. Honestly, the movie wasn't good at all. Don't bother watching.

The prom's date is out and its supposed to be like the only thing I look forward to at the end of the year. I don't know what happened to Taiwan and noone seems to be talking bout it already. Not many of my friends are going to Prom either. Oh and you know what, I actually made Smelly bought her prom dress because she WAS SUPPOSED TO join me at my school's prom but.. the thing is, I am not sure if its opened to outsiders like the past years or not. HOW HOW HOW HOW? So if its not, Smelly would skin me alive and not talk to me anymore. No Smelly! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!

P/s: Kill me plez.

Loves, V.

25 August 2009

Farah's Virgin Karaoke.

Fuhhh, Smelly just left me home alone. Bel came to pick her up and speaking of Bel, I really miss his lamb chop badly wtf. No la, the truth is thats the only thing that reminds me of Bel hehe. Anyway, I had a superb awesome time yesterday. Two things to be happy about because.. 1) I spent damn little money compared to the past few months. 2) I went to karaoke with a sorethroat and yet this morning when I woke up, my voice did not turned sexy yay!

cSeong was being such an angel yesterday. He did not turned pissssed when I guided him the wrong direction to Farah's house and we ended up at federal highway HAHAHAHAHA. Picked Farah up after u-turning and getting lost a couple of times wtf. Met up with Ian in Pyramid and headed off for some food at Papparich.

Farah, who looked damnnnnnnnnnn streesssseddd upp in Chor Dai Di.

Ian, the sepet eyed boy.

Peiwuon: "Oii, faster la! You sure you know how to play ah!? SO SLOW ONE!!"
Ian: "Okok sorry!"
(Peiwuon pls do not kill me hehe)

BigBoobiesBusuk and FatVivi.

Sohai Ian.

Then, we headed over to Redbox where Xingrou joined us. Poor girl she was sitting down at a corner and she didn't even sing a single word wtf wtf wtf. The rest of the Omega girls couldn't joined us and Saby ffk-ed us all! Good job, Saby! We wuv youu.

Too lazy for captions. Visuals only.


You're a loser if you don't click play wtf. FARAH THE AWESOME!!

Xingrou and her dry 'martini'.

Everyone was super tired and we couldn't even finish all the songs we key-ed in. SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROMOTION ROCKS WTF! No doubt, Greenbox is obviously 10x way better than Redbox. Redbox's sound system is getting crappy. But why issit that redbox always has cute guys and greenbox doesn't? New spotted JJ-replacement hahahahahaha!

Farah made me felt damn shy wtf becos when we wanted to order drinks, this cute guy came in and hehe after I made my order, I ran into the corner of the room and told Sherlyn that his cute but wtf wtf wtf Farah used the mic and she actually said, "Excuse me, she thinks you're good looking!" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Damn funny can die wtf. Bid our goodbyes to Xingrou and Ian and went over to Auntie Anne's to chit chat.

We waited and waited but Ryan did not appeared wtf! Peiwuon's mum came to fetch us and tadaaaa! That sums up yesterday. A freaking long post with 44 pictures and readers better appreciate this. To show your appreciation, please click on the advertisements by nuffnang you see on this blog. If you really love spamming, this is your time to spam!!


Okay babai.

Loves, V.

22 August 2009

Tell me that you need me.

because I'm cute liddat HEHE.

I am happy :) teehee.

... and I don't know why am I happy. Prolly I just saw a few eye-catchy things in Lowyat.net and its so super duper cheap compared to Sasa! And the things get even cheaper after comparing prices with few different threads *cough* Yes, its getting broke time and I know my money-saving-plan-for-my-camera is never succeeding. But its okehh since I already have plan B in mind. Though its a very risky plan but wtf for the love of Taiwan, I am so gonna do it :P

Oh yes, my one-week holiday officially starts. So that means I only have a few more weeks before trials begin which also means that my Graduation/SPM/Taiwan/Prom is drawing closer. How I wish SPM is next week wtf. I wanna go Taiwan asap. Can't wait to breathe the air in Taiwan HEHEHEHE.

Anyway, recently I've been using this mask.

Shiseido Blackhead Mask.

I was really convinced when I read all the reviews in the net and everyone seems to be giving a full star about it. I got it for RM1.90/packet which is very pricey because Lowyat.net is only selling it for RM0.65/packet wtf wtf! When Hello Kitty handed it to me in class, we weren't that convinced and suspected if its imitation. It looks super imitation and we had to go online immediately to see if the packaging matches -_-

It did and it was the exact same one. It feels super watery when you press it from the outside and its super black. One packet can used up to 5 times depending on the amount you use of course. You don't expect one small packet liddat can use up to 5 times if you put it all around your face right?? Okay so after cleansing your face bla bla bla, put it on the area you want. I chose nose. If you've seen me and my nose before, you'll realize my nose is like The Blackhead Mountain. Its very bad and horrible. My blackheads comes back really fast even after I go for facial. Prolly around 2 days, it'll be back visiting me again FML T_T

You would prolly wanna steam your face for the pores to open before applying it. This way, the blackheads can come out better. It depends on you actually. After applying, leave it on your face for around 20 to 30 minutes OR as long as its dry. Then you can remove it. Please make sure you do not apply it on your eyebrow or anywhere hairy wtf because the pain is... I feel like screaming for Mummy! when I was peeling it off wtf.

Then, the result.

Without flash.

With flash.


You can see my facial hair or not!! So hairy can die. Look at the blackheads and hairs! Honestly, it did not removed my blackheads completely. I assume you have to do a few more times before it removes completely but blackheads comes back really often... have to take care wtf :/

Overall, I must say its pretty good. I cannot bare the pain where you use the stick and start pressing those lil annoying fckers out! The shiseido mask does all the work I needa do without feeling the pain (on the nose I mean) and without having to hurt my nose.

Rating: 4/5.

P/s: I just came back from Peiwuon's driving!

Loves, V.