23 July 2009

When you need a shoulder to cry on.

I'm loving the freshiness of my after-mask face! Have been quite into beauty&healthcare lately. Aight, very typical girly things but doing mask is so not my thing wtf. I do not even bother applying the facial set that Mummykins bought from Murad that cost her a bloody bomb. The reason why I dislike her entering my room is becos.. she would then start telling me that I'm wasting every single penny of hers for not using em'.

I admit I might be wasting her money but wtf I am not the hardworking type of girls that would apply around 5 diff things on her face every morning and night. I like something that has the mixture of the 5 things in a bloody bottle itself, geddit? So if you have any good recommendation, please tell me! I am starting to worry if I would start having freckles/wrinkles/sunspots on my face. :/

School have been fine. Felt so tired and lazy for classes today. I wish I could just sleep in the library throughout the day. Not like I feel energetic now either; I am freaking sleepy right now! So I'mma go off now. Fats don't expect pictures man. I am officially a lazy blogger who hardly have anything to write unless you would kindly spam my advertisements for me :D You know I'll love youu even more righhhhhtttttttttt.

Loves, V.

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