15 July 2009

That dream I'm dreaming.

Hendrich, whose going back to Oz tonight. I would really miss you and your lameness around. We may not be close when it comes to terms of 'hengdai' but you were a really good friend who knows how to cheer people up. With the way you talk, really cracks me up all the time. Hopefully the next time you're back, we would actually have time to meet each other up aight! Sorry that I couldn't join you for your dinner. Sorry to hear that you were really fucked up that night but hey, its all over! :) Good luck and take care of yourself LameKing! Spread the lameness yo!

Parents coming back tonight! I cannot be anymore happier but feeling the disappointment even before seeing Mummykins. I just have a feeling that she did not get the stuffs that I asked her to get. I doubt she'll even remember bout the cardigan that I desperately need. I need a nice cardigan! :( Mum being mum, she would always comes up with the same ol' excuse, "Aiyo, there nothing to buy one la! If you go, you'll complain also. Really nothing to buy!" I need something to stop my shopping crave grr.

The house feels really empty when the folks are not around. No doubt, a few days without the folks around was wonderful. You've got noone to tell you to go to bed early. Noone to stop you from eating, eating and eating. Noone to tell you to bath (My mum can do this repeatedly wtf!). But you know it feels really insecure when their not around too :/

The bros comes back late night. And when their not around, I rely on GP, the temporary "man" to take care of the house and keeping me secure when I snooze awayy. You know how I always thought that I'm really sensitive to sound but the other night when I was sleeping at my bro's room, I woke up at 6am to find that cSeong went missing wtf! cWey told me that he went over to his friends house. I am sucha pig wtf. I couldn't even hear him walking out of the room nor making noises -__-

I'd promise to start studying! So, I better get going now hehe. I shall not break this promise again.

Loves, V.

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