13 July 2009

Meow meow.

If you really hate me that much. Can you please say it to my face instead of telling others how much you hate me? Like seriously. You leave me with no words but to call you a pussy. I can't find any words that suits you better for now. Fyi, I'm not stupid. What's all the "Fucking bitch" and "Fuck face" messages you left on your pm for? You should've make it more obvious instead by leaving me a message.

You switched off your phone after receiving my message? Well, all I can say is you really don't know how to handle things don't you? Or in other words, you handle things like a immature kid. Go on hating me, I'm better off like that. I once said that I would still want this friendship to go on if you would kindly tell me my mistakes but you know what? Fuck you and fuck off my life. Yeah do everything a kid does. I don't fucking care anymore. That's what you've always hoped for and your wish came true. A friendly reminder to you, before you even wanna comment on somebody, please look into the mirror. You're equally bad. No wonder you failed badly.

You know I don't really wish to use foul words. I cannot find any better word to express my feelings. So? Would you please pardon my language? :) Phew, much much better!

On a happier note, I got my brush holder from Etude House! I cannot be anymore happier when I saw this little baby this morning. Sadly, my 208 brush is a little too short for the holder :/ Nvm, it will do! I'mma now save money for more brushes hehe.

Have you wondered how powerful the media is? They can really create stories and made it sound so real that everyone would believe..

mhmm.. Going out with your friends is categorized as 'dating' you knowww..

Loves, V.

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