07 July 2009

I need you to come back.

Lazy blogger on board.

I just had dinner and I'm already feeling tres sleepy. Life have been.. I wouldn't say hectic but its just really tiring. I don't even have the mood to attend any classes even my most favouriterest subject on planet earth! Lazy bum I am but I can't help it :(

And nothing seems to be going my way! I am currently undergoing some stress shit. Not that I'm worried anymore but when the picture comes to my mind, fuck it man my mood totally goes down the drain and the only thing that makes me feel better is to sleep. I'm already trying my very best to hide my emotions and hopefully things will be back in one piece very soon. :)

On the other hand, Bee and LameKing is back yay! I got really excited and I literally screamed my lungs off during English when I saw the very familiar specs at the tiny window yesterday. Sorry that I scare quite a number of you hahahaha. I haven't seen LameKing for quite sometime so I was really happy when I saw him okehh. But I guess the both of them have to quarantine themselves first haha :P

I've been having this shredded baju fetish lately!

And this is WillPan's 寂屋出租 which is daaaaa bomb. You really gotta listen to this.

I am at my brokerestest moment. Having only RM20 with me to survive for the week! How to eat, shop, Friday's on Saturday, meet up with Bee and yumcha liddat?! Sometimes I really wish I could just rob the bank :(

Loves, V.

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