28 July 2009

I know they wanna come and separate us but they can do us nothing.

Vivi is too tired to recall any shits back but.. I remember Farah telling me that I need not lose anymore weight HAHAHAHA. I cannot imagine if Mummykins and Mr Austin were to hear this, they would prolly start to disagree and call Farah blind or something wtf. Mr Austin thinks I'm fat and I should start having a diet. Oh and he even said that I should prolly soak myself in the sea for a day&night to shrink hahahaha -_-

The principal came into class to talk about our MYE marks. I was trying to recall back all my marks but I couldn't remember anything!! Thank god he took MYE marks instead of 2nd Monthly because I did terribly bad this test not even for the subjects that I target an A. But anyway, not like I could do anything bout the marks so no point getting sad over it anymore :)

Qvodplayer is being a bitch wtf. Why did they even bother to change the whole new player skin! I can't load my drama at all. I wanna watch Dream!! Kim Bum is LOVE!

Monster attack wtf.

Budak grumpy yang sesat. It feels like shes gonna say, "Machaohai, can't you just snap the photo faster! I needa drink my milk laaaaa!!!"

Loves, V.

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