08 July 2009

Explain then.

I am really confuse in what you want. I don't know what did I do wrong that made you this pissed. Not that we talk often but its still weird to not hear you trying to insult me and I only realize that we haven't been talking like two days ago. If you blame me for the things I've said, I'm okay with it. I know what kinda person I am. But I've been thinking for days and I don't know what did I even said or do to you!!

I really have no god damn idea at all. With what you left on your PM, it got me very worried. I tried all sorts of ways to talk to you and you chose to not reply anything. Not even my text! Its really getting on my nerves already. I am trying to talk and you're avoiding. You even immediately changed your status to busy when I pm-ed you!

Then I figured, whats the point of me putting the effort to try to sort things out when you don't even give two shits? If this is the way you want things to be, then congratulations. I am tired of thinking about how you feel. I am tired of stressing my brain, to find out what happened. Its time to give my brain a proper rest. I'm so gonna have a shweet dream tonight after all the sleepless nights.

I really did appreciate you as a friend though at times I do have a stinko mouth that I cannot help but to reply your insults to me but you know I don't mean what I say because I as well took your words as a joke and never did put in my heart. I don't even go around saying something bad about you. What did I do to deserve this from you?

Well, it doesn't matter already. Because I too, don't give a damn about it anymore. Things shall only be back to its original state if only you would tell me what happened. For the time being, lets just give ourselves a break then.

P/s: Thank you for not asking.

Loves, V.

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