02 July 2009

CS? Fuck it.

Super duper unlucky day wtf. We went out for breakfast all the way to Sunway Mentari when.. we actually can have it at the back of the school. You must be giving me that wtf face again wtf wtf. Okay so the whole idea of breakfast this morning was to have mamak but I've got no idea why they chose Sunway.

We were supposed to leave school at 7sharp but time delayed delayed.. and by the time we reached McDs it was 730am already wtf. And my friends took their own sweet time to enjoy their food! When laoniang was sitting down there, impatiently making noises just so they would give a fuck about how panic and scared I was. I have never been to school late! Like never, never. I don't wanna give it my first time soo.. they can't really blame me for making so much noises, can they? :(

We left McDs at 750am. We were supposed to be in school at that time!! Gawd, I started getting all sorts of feelings in my tummy wtf. I felt like shiting and I felt like peeing at the same time grr. And the besterest thing is my instead of making me feeling better, my friends were laughing at my panic face and couldn't stop making fun of me :( They even have the mood to take picture of my stressed out face! How can I not love my friends? SOME OF THEM EVEN SCOLDED ME WTF. To be frank, if I am on my bleeding love season, I would have seriously gone pissed and started throwing tantrum since 730am wtf. But I'm not trying to say I am pissed now either lol.

So finally, we reached school at 810am. Yay, officially late for school. And the besterestest? We met Mr Nathan hahahahahaha. Stood in front of the office and waited to be called to the Principal office. I really havta Thank God that he was being really nice and decided to just give us a 3 days CS during our break wtf. I cannot wait to stand at the courtyard, to be seen my the school yay -_-

Pictures from Lylia & Yapliang's B'day.

I look like some drunk bitch wanting to start some cat fight wtf.

Peiwuon, Yeeing, Vivi and tipsyEva.

Don't remember what I was trying to do at all -_-

Desmond, Hello Kitty, Yuric and Vivi.

Everything has its first time. So it wouldn't be that bad right? RIGHT.

Loves, V.

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