10 July 2009

Boohoo. Dried up gel liners.

A very bimbo post ahead. You may just skip this if you want to.

I am having issues! Like super duper big problem wtf. My M.A.C Fluidline in Blacktrack was undergoing this drying up thingy. You know how gel liners are so important to me?! Oh yes, I basically ditched pencil and liquid liners already. Gel liners are seriously life saviour ever since the day I get hold of it.

So, I started googling bout it and ta-daaaa! I found a way and it works perfectly well. At one point, I thought it would be a little too risky, like what if you cannot use it anymore? And that's it, I'mma say byebye to my love. I'M SO WRONG! Not only it works perfectly well, it feels brand new now except a little tooo dirty :P

Here it is.

This is my dried up blacktrack. Sucha heartache to see this wtf. The picture can't really tell but its terribly dry and you can basically see the crack line in the middle. Just like a river wtf.

You'll also need a hairdryer. Got the picture already? :)

Then start heating it up already! I did not do it with the plastic container though. Instead, I did it with the cover opened and blowing direct hot air to the pot. I tried doing the way as shown in the picture and it took me like forever to even see any result grr.

The result. With and without flash. Its perfectly moist! It feels so brand new.

I even did the same thing to my Kate gel liner. :)

Good luck! ;) Btw, a little info.

This silver glitter eyeliner suck balls. I don't think its even a eyeliner because it works like a glue. The glitters stick on your eye and it causes irritation (not mine though) to sensitive eyes. It stinks too. Major regret due to greediness as it was on sales :/ Price slashed to like RM10. My advice? DON'T EVEN BUY IT.

Thanks to Specktra for the wonderful tip!

Loves, V.

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