05 July 2009


Rating: 9/10.

Woke up feeling really weird. It feels like something was missing then I realize that it have been quite sometime since I last stay at home on a Saturday. Went out for brunch with Mummykins and I fucking fell in love with the fried wanton. It tasted like heaven wtf. Came back and went out again for lunch with Gnes and Peiwuon.

Was supposed to have dindin at Peiwuons. I really wanna try that girl's cook! I don't care if its just a simple fried rice, I just wanna try how it taste hahaha. Tried really hard persuading her but gave up since she said there's gonna be nice tomyam in Bukit Tinggi Aeon. I felt really insecure throughout the day.

Had never been out to a shopping mall without anything on my face + wearing a home shorts wtf. It just feels very inappropriate. And, I broke my mirror in Popular! I was trying to pick up a call and somehow the mirror fell out when I tried to get my phone grr. Too much time to kill and we ended up Greenbox. I love that place! It feels like heaven wtf wtf. And guess what? I went out with only RM70 with me!

Singing in Greenbox is so bloody fucking cheap and you get free flow of drinks and food! They have wider choices compared to Redbox. Aren't they from the same company? Greenbox don't have extra charges for the titbits unlike Redbox which charges like RM9 for each titbits WTF. Damn dumb okehh? So the next time you wanna karaoke, go the the nearest Greenbox! :D

FatVivi in school. I don't remember if I posed for this or not hahaha.


and the lovebirds.

I'm tres tired. Gotta snooze!

Loves, V.

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