25 July 2009

Baby I know.

Total damage = RM 90.94 (but its so freaking worth it because all the brushes are on a 40% sales!)

Very very happy Vivi. So much for being worried the past few days; I was thinking how to buy the brush since I can hardly even go out because cSeong have classes on Saturdays from morning till evening. But now, I am the owner of the brushes already!

Met up with Hello Kitty and her mum in Etude House then we went for brush hunting. Initially I only planned to buy 3 brushes but didn't know the other brushes are thaaat soft too! So worried that the stocks would run out very soon, soooo 手快有手慢冇. Its really quite a good bargain and Etude House ain't that bad yknow ;)

Its so sad to see everywhere on sales and yet you cannot buy anything!! I saw quite a few tops in Miss Selfridge but but.. my mum dislikes shopping WTF. I so need to shop for tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, lingeries... etc. Sometimes I wonder whether its me wearing the clothes or the clothes wearing me? -_-

Vivi: I am gonna start my diet plan officially!! Starting tomorrow!!! I am very serious.

Not long then, my phone rang.

Mum: You really wanna start your diet plan? Officially?
Vivi: Yes verryyyyyyyyyyyy. Don't try to break my determination ahhh!!

Isn't my mum supposed to be supportive? -_-

Loves, V.

2 bombs thrown:

Charlene.G @ 雪琳 said...

what do you mean by met Hello Kitty kat Etude House? Lolz~

Its always happy to read your blog!! Lolz..

Vivian said...

haha hello kitty is a nick i gave my friend haha. really? :P thankiu ah chingu hehe. *blushes*