31 July 2009

Baby, can you blow my heart up?

Vivi got a 3 freaking nice strokes on the hand! By who? I'm sure everyone in SriKL knows him wtf. Obviously by the only teacher who brings a freaking ruler with him everyday; he never brings books to class! Its not as pain as it used to be anymore; I had a harder one in Form 1 and it hurts like burningg!! It still hurts like burning but its not that pain. Prolly cos my fats were my shield WTF WTF. Thankiu fats.

Oh and guess what! I drove again just now!! I couldn't stop laughing in the car and I can sense that cSeong is kinda sick of me already haha; maybe he have been sick of me for the past idk how many years wtf. But anyway, I am definitely better than the other time! Though cSeong thinks I'm a little stiff but I can finally freaking turn steadily so happy can die dot com. The other day I totally forgot that I have to turn the whole steering wheel; I only turned a little and I nearly ended up kissing a tree wtf but thank goodness cSeong was next to me -_-

I successfully parked the car not-very-nicely and when I got down the car, my mum's friends saw me wtf wtf. I am very shy can die plez. As per usual, she and her never ending praises and never ending stories bout her children. ...... okay I shall not go further about her, its getting very obvious lolololol.

Anyhoo, let me show you this.

This little fucker was taken out from Xingrou's plate of chicken rice. Not maggots but still.. how hygiene right. No offence CB :/

My neighbour's dog which I think its half of my dog already because apparently he likes us better hahaha. & that's my ex korean neighbour's car which is currently homeless. Poor cat used to be super fat like a pregnant cat but look at it now..


I don't even need to be pregnant to look pregnant WTF WTF WTF WTF. Okay la very sad bye.

Loves, V.

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