17 July 2009

2nd Monthly Test 09'

Oh God, if there is 1 thing I can do now, it'll definitely be turning into a guy every bleeding love season. I kid you not. I wish God would let the world switch sex for a day. I wanna try having a 'brother' down there and what it feels like if someone kicks your 'brother'. It looks painful haha. Okehh, very random.

The 2nd monthly test is starting tomorrow. I seriously hate going to school on a Saturday and what's worse is that we have a bloody test on a SATURDAY. I so cannot take it. I know I've been repeating this for a million time but what's the point of studying History?! Since it is a History so why not we let the past pass and move on right. I so do not know what did Tan Cheng Lok or Lee Kuan Yew did wtf. Why should I even know :(

I am not gonna blog until the next Wednesday. But I'll be PS-ing daily for the sake of getting coins! For the time being in case you forget how I looks like... I'm taking back my words!!

This is Vivian Tan.

Loves, V.

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