18 July 2009

007 specially from Taiwan.

WOOHOOO! Brought back all the way from Taiwan by Bee

Thank you love! I cannot be more than happy. :)



Buying the Taiwanese version only cost me RM36.80 whereas I got the Malaysia version for RM45+ and it does not come with a ring nor a booklet of pictures! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!

Bee, I feel so sorry to tell you that I did not fell in love with a plastic :P Its made of steel + smtgsmtg.. Its quite heavy yknow.

I feel pretty proud of myself despite feeling regret last night for yumcha session with Gnes, Jensu and Bee. For some reasons, Old Town was packed with people and what not full of mosquitoes! Had to leave early and was by home at 1210am. Immediately dozed off to bed and set my alarm on at 4am. Which obviously I failed to wake up and continue sleeping haha. Very typical me.

Vivian is going on a savings plan. This is working for real! I managed to clear off one of my so called "debts" and I still have another creditor wtf. Smelly, I hope we only meet on the August holidays hahahahaha.

I'm gonna make Commerce as interesting as History! Bye.

Loves, V.

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