31 July 2009

Baby, can you blow my heart up?

Vivi got a 3 freaking nice strokes on the hand! By who? I'm sure everyone in SriKL knows him wtf. Obviously by the only teacher who brings a freaking ruler with him everyday; he never brings books to class! Its not as pain as it used to be anymore; I had a harder one in Form 1 and it hurts like burningg!! It still hurts like burning but its not that pain. Prolly cos my fats were my shield WTF WTF. Thankiu fats.

Oh and guess what! I drove again just now!! I couldn't stop laughing in the car and I can sense that cSeong is kinda sick of me already haha; maybe he have been sick of me for the past idk how many years wtf. But anyway, I am definitely better than the other time! Though cSeong thinks I'm a little stiff but I can finally freaking turn steadily so happy can die dot com. The other day I totally forgot that I have to turn the whole steering wheel; I only turned a little and I nearly ended up kissing a tree wtf but thank goodness cSeong was next to me -_-

I successfully parked the car not-very-nicely and when I got down the car, my mum's friends saw me wtf wtf. I am very shy can die plez. As per usual, she and her never ending praises and never ending stories bout her children. ...... okay I shall not go further about her, its getting very obvious lolololol.

Anyhoo, let me show you this.

This little fucker was taken out from Xingrou's plate of chicken rice. Not maggots but still.. how hygiene right. No offence CB :/

My neighbour's dog which I think its half of my dog already because apparently he likes us better hahaha. & that's my ex korean neighbour's car which is currently homeless. Poor cat used to be super fat like a pregnant cat but look at it now..


I don't even need to be pregnant to look pregnant WTF WTF WTF WTF. Okay la very sad bye.

Loves, V.

30 July 2009

Happy Seventeenth, Wong Joon Yang!

Happy Happy Birthday, Hendrich!

Stupid boy who always fools me and never fails to make fun of me when you sees me. All I wanna say is to take good care of yourself in Oz and be a good boy there aight. At least you've finally opened your eyes and got rid of the immature world HAHAHA.

Have a good one and the good news is, Farah even put the group pix of you and the guys in your graduation video. Hao peng youuu ~ sheng ri kuai le. ;)

Loves, V.

28 July 2009

I know they wanna come and separate us but they can do us nothing.

Vivi is too tired to recall any shits back but.. I remember Farah telling me that I need not lose anymore weight HAHAHAHA. I cannot imagine if Mummykins and Mr Austin were to hear this, they would prolly start to disagree and call Farah blind or something wtf. Mr Austin thinks I'm fat and I should start having a diet. Oh and he even said that I should prolly soak myself in the sea for a day&night to shrink hahahaha -_-

The principal came into class to talk about our MYE marks. I was trying to recall back all my marks but I couldn't remember anything!! Thank god he took MYE marks instead of 2nd Monthly because I did terribly bad this test not even for the subjects that I target an A. But anyway, not like I could do anything bout the marks so no point getting sad over it anymore :)

Qvodplayer is being a bitch wtf. Why did they even bother to change the whole new player skin! I can't load my drama at all. I wanna watch Dream!! Kim Bum is LOVE!

Monster attack wtf.

Budak grumpy yang sesat. It feels like shes gonna say, "Machaohai, can't you just snap the photo faster! I needa drink my milk laaaaa!!!"

Loves, V.

25 July 2009

Baby I know.

Total damage = RM 90.94 (but its so freaking worth it because all the brushes are on a 40% sales!)

Very very happy Vivi. So much for being worried the past few days; I was thinking how to buy the brush since I can hardly even go out because cSeong have classes on Saturdays from morning till evening. But now, I am the owner of the brushes already!

Met up with Hello Kitty and her mum in Etude House then we went for brush hunting. Initially I only planned to buy 3 brushes but didn't know the other brushes are thaaat soft too! So worried that the stocks would run out very soon, soooo 手快有手慢冇. Its really quite a good bargain and Etude House ain't that bad yknow ;)

Its so sad to see everywhere on sales and yet you cannot buy anything!! I saw quite a few tops in Miss Selfridge but but.. my mum dislikes shopping WTF. I so need to shop for tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, lingeries... etc. Sometimes I wonder whether its me wearing the clothes or the clothes wearing me? -_-

Vivi: I am gonna start my diet plan officially!! Starting tomorrow!!! I am very serious.

Not long then, my phone rang.

Mum: You really wanna start your diet plan? Officially?
Vivi: Yes verryyyyyyyyyyyy. Don't try to break my determination ahhh!!

Isn't my mum supposed to be supportive? -_-

Loves, V.

23 July 2009

When you need a shoulder to cry on.

I'm loving the freshiness of my after-mask face! Have been quite into beauty&healthcare lately. Aight, very typical girly things but doing mask is so not my thing wtf. I do not even bother applying the facial set that Mummykins bought from Murad that cost her a bloody bomb. The reason why I dislike her entering my room is becos.. she would then start telling me that I'm wasting every single penny of hers for not using em'.

I admit I might be wasting her money but wtf I am not the hardworking type of girls that would apply around 5 diff things on her face every morning and night. I like something that has the mixture of the 5 things in a bloody bottle itself, geddit? So if you have any good recommendation, please tell me! I am starting to worry if I would start having freckles/wrinkles/sunspots on my face. :/

School have been fine. Felt so tired and lazy for classes today. I wish I could just sleep in the library throughout the day. Not like I feel energetic now either; I am freaking sleepy right now! So I'mma go off now. Fats don't expect pictures man. I am officially a lazy blogger who hardly have anything to write unless you would kindly spam my advertisements for me :D You know I'll love youu even more righhhhhtttttttttt.

Loves, V.

21 July 2009

Gotta get get.

I have Science tomorrow and guess what am I doing here?! I've got no fucking idea too.
The only thing I feel like doing now is to sleep while watching 美女厨房II in the brother's.

Am planning to wake up at 330am later to minimize my sins wtf.
I know I can not possibly make it this time. I got rid of the 'chap-goh-mei' three times and I can't be that lucky can I? Bak kata pepatah, "sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga,"

What if I can't wake up later?


Say yay! 2 more papers and I'm done. I can't fucking wait for it to end and get my life back hehe. Oh wait, for the next following months, I think I'm gonna live a life liddat too wtf. Why do we even need SPM.

Loves, V.

18 July 2009

007 specially from Taiwan.

WOOHOOO! Brought back all the way from Taiwan by Bee

Thank you love! I cannot be more than happy. :)



Buying the Taiwanese version only cost me RM36.80 whereas I got the Malaysia version for RM45+ and it does not come with a ring nor a booklet of pictures! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!

Bee, I feel so sorry to tell you that I did not fell in love with a plastic :P Its made of steel + smtgsmtg.. Its quite heavy yknow.

I feel pretty proud of myself despite feeling regret last night for yumcha session with Gnes, Jensu and Bee. For some reasons, Old Town was packed with people and what not full of mosquitoes! Had to leave early and was by home at 1210am. Immediately dozed off to bed and set my alarm on at 4am. Which obviously I failed to wake up and continue sleeping haha. Very typical me.

Vivian is going on a savings plan. This is working for real! I managed to clear off one of my so called "debts" and I still have another creditor wtf. Smelly, I hope we only meet on the August holidays hahahahaha.

I'm gonna make Commerce as interesting as History! Bye.

Loves, V.

17 July 2009

2nd Monthly Test 09'

Oh God, if there is 1 thing I can do now, it'll definitely be turning into a guy every bleeding love season. I kid you not. I wish God would let the world switch sex for a day. I wanna try having a 'brother' down there and what it feels like if someone kicks your 'brother'. It looks painful haha. Okehh, very random.

The 2nd monthly test is starting tomorrow. I seriously hate going to school on a Saturday and what's worse is that we have a bloody test on a SATURDAY. I so cannot take it. I know I've been repeating this for a million time but what's the point of studying History?! Since it is a History so why not we let the past pass and move on right. I so do not know what did Tan Cheng Lok or Lee Kuan Yew did wtf. Why should I even know :(

I am not gonna blog until the next Wednesday. But I'll be PS-ing daily for the sake of getting coins! For the time being in case you forget how I looks like... I'm taking back my words!!

This is Vivian Tan.

Loves, V.

15 July 2009

That dream I'm dreaming.

Hendrich, whose going back to Oz tonight. I would really miss you and your lameness around. We may not be close when it comes to terms of 'hengdai' but you were a really good friend who knows how to cheer people up. With the way you talk, really cracks me up all the time. Hopefully the next time you're back, we would actually have time to meet each other up aight! Sorry that I couldn't join you for your dinner. Sorry to hear that you were really fucked up that night but hey, its all over! :) Good luck and take care of yourself LameKing! Spread the lameness yo!

Parents coming back tonight! I cannot be anymore happier but feeling the disappointment even before seeing Mummykins. I just have a feeling that she did not get the stuffs that I asked her to get. I doubt she'll even remember bout the cardigan that I desperately need. I need a nice cardigan! :( Mum being mum, she would always comes up with the same ol' excuse, "Aiyo, there nothing to buy one la! If you go, you'll complain also. Really nothing to buy!" I need something to stop my shopping crave grr.

The house feels really empty when the folks are not around. No doubt, a few days without the folks around was wonderful. You've got noone to tell you to go to bed early. Noone to stop you from eating, eating and eating. Noone to tell you to bath (My mum can do this repeatedly wtf!). But you know it feels really insecure when their not around too :/

The bros comes back late night. And when their not around, I rely on GP, the temporary "man" to take care of the house and keeping me secure when I snooze awayy. You know how I always thought that I'm really sensitive to sound but the other night when I was sleeping at my bro's room, I woke up at 6am to find that cSeong went missing wtf! cWey told me that he went over to his friends house. I am sucha pig wtf. I couldn't even hear him walking out of the room nor making noises -__-

I'd promise to start studying! So, I better get going now hehe. I shall not break this promise again.

Loves, V.

13 July 2009

Meow meow.

If you really hate me that much. Can you please say it to my face instead of telling others how much you hate me? Like seriously. You leave me with no words but to call you a pussy. I can't find any words that suits you better for now. Fyi, I'm not stupid. What's all the "Fucking bitch" and "Fuck face" messages you left on your pm for? You should've make it more obvious instead by leaving me a message.

You switched off your phone after receiving my message? Well, all I can say is you really don't know how to handle things don't you? Or in other words, you handle things like a immature kid. Go on hating me, I'm better off like that. I once said that I would still want this friendship to go on if you would kindly tell me my mistakes but you know what? Fuck you and fuck off my life. Yeah do everything a kid does. I don't fucking care anymore. That's what you've always hoped for and your wish came true. A friendly reminder to you, before you even wanna comment on somebody, please look into the mirror. You're equally bad. No wonder you failed badly.

You know I don't really wish to use foul words. I cannot find any better word to express my feelings. So? Would you please pardon my language? :) Phew, much much better!

On a happier note, I got my brush holder from Etude House! I cannot be anymore happier when I saw this little baby this morning. Sadly, my 208 brush is a little too short for the holder :/ Nvm, it will do! I'mma now save money for more brushes hehe.

Have you wondered how powerful the media is? They can really create stories and made it sound so real that everyone would believe..

mhmm.. Going out with your friends is categorized as 'dating' you knowww..

Loves, V.

12 July 2009

Sweet, shugar, Candyman!

Parents just left for Bandung this afternoon. If only I'm not having SPM this year! With the H1N1 everywhere around the world, yet the folks still insist to go. It feels kinda awkward to tell Mum not to go the other day, I was quite worried bout the H1N1 thingy but I didn't really wanna show her that I'm concern and I don't want her to come back falling sick. Shy is not the right word to use :/ Is it just me or everyone elses is like that to?

Loves, V.

10 July 2009

Boohoo. Dried up gel liners.

A very bimbo post ahead. You may just skip this if you want to.

I am having issues! Like super duper big problem wtf. My M.A.C Fluidline in Blacktrack was undergoing this drying up thingy. You know how gel liners are so important to me?! Oh yes, I basically ditched pencil and liquid liners already. Gel liners are seriously life saviour ever since the day I get hold of it.

So, I started googling bout it and ta-daaaa! I found a way and it works perfectly well. At one point, I thought it would be a little too risky, like what if you cannot use it anymore? And that's it, I'mma say byebye to my love. I'M SO WRONG! Not only it works perfectly well, it feels brand new now except a little tooo dirty :P

Here it is.

This is my dried up blacktrack. Sucha heartache to see this wtf. The picture can't really tell but its terribly dry and you can basically see the crack line in the middle. Just like a river wtf.

You'll also need a hairdryer. Got the picture already? :)

Then start heating it up already! I did not do it with the plastic container though. Instead, I did it with the cover opened and blowing direct hot air to the pot. I tried doing the way as shown in the picture and it took me like forever to even see any result grr.

The result. With and without flash. Its perfectly moist! It feels so brand new.

I even did the same thing to my Kate gel liner. :)

Good luck! ;) Btw, a little info.

This silver glitter eyeliner suck balls. I don't think its even a eyeliner because it works like a glue. The glitters stick on your eye and it causes irritation (not mine though) to sensitive eyes. It stinks too. Major regret due to greediness as it was on sales :/ Price slashed to like RM10. My advice? DON'T EVEN BUY IT.

Thanks to Specktra for the wonderful tip!

Loves, V.

08 July 2009

Explain then.

I am really confuse in what you want. I don't know what did I do wrong that made you this pissed. Not that we talk often but its still weird to not hear you trying to insult me and I only realize that we haven't been talking like two days ago. If you blame me for the things I've said, I'm okay with it. I know what kinda person I am. But I've been thinking for days and I don't know what did I even said or do to you!!

I really have no god damn idea at all. With what you left on your PM, it got me very worried. I tried all sorts of ways to talk to you and you chose to not reply anything. Not even my text! Its really getting on my nerves already. I am trying to talk and you're avoiding. You even immediately changed your status to busy when I pm-ed you!

Then I figured, whats the point of me putting the effort to try to sort things out when you don't even give two shits? If this is the way you want things to be, then congratulations. I am tired of thinking about how you feel. I am tired of stressing my brain, to find out what happened. Its time to give my brain a proper rest. I'm so gonna have a shweet dream tonight after all the sleepless nights.

I really did appreciate you as a friend though at times I do have a stinko mouth that I cannot help but to reply your insults to me but you know I don't mean what I say because I as well took your words as a joke and never did put in my heart. I don't even go around saying something bad about you. What did I do to deserve this from you?

Well, it doesn't matter already. Because I too, don't give a damn about it anymore. Things shall only be back to its original state if only you would tell me what happened. For the time being, lets just give ourselves a break then.

P/s: Thank you for not asking.

Loves, V.

07 July 2009

I need you to come back.

Lazy blogger on board.

I just had dinner and I'm already feeling tres sleepy. Life have been.. I wouldn't say hectic but its just really tiring. I don't even have the mood to attend any classes even my most favouriterest subject on planet earth! Lazy bum I am but I can't help it :(

And nothing seems to be going my way! I am currently undergoing some stress shit. Not that I'm worried anymore but when the picture comes to my mind, fuck it man my mood totally goes down the drain and the only thing that makes me feel better is to sleep. I'm already trying my very best to hide my emotions and hopefully things will be back in one piece very soon. :)

On the other hand, Bee and LameKing is back yay! I got really excited and I literally screamed my lungs off during English when I saw the very familiar specs at the tiny window yesterday. Sorry that I scare quite a number of you hahahaha. I haven't seen LameKing for quite sometime so I was really happy when I saw him okehh. But I guess the both of them have to quarantine themselves first haha :P

I've been having this shredded baju fetish lately!

And this is WillPan's 寂屋出租 which is daaaaa bomb. You really gotta listen to this.

I am at my brokerestest moment. Having only RM20 with me to survive for the week! How to eat, shop, Friday's on Saturday, meet up with Bee and yumcha liddat?! Sometimes I really wish I could just rob the bank :(

Loves, V.

05 July 2009


Rating: 9/10.

Woke up feeling really weird. It feels like something was missing then I realize that it have been quite sometime since I last stay at home on a Saturday. Went out for brunch with Mummykins and I fucking fell in love with the fried wanton. It tasted like heaven wtf. Came back and went out again for lunch with Gnes and Peiwuon.

Was supposed to have dindin at Peiwuons. I really wanna try that girl's cook! I don't care if its just a simple fried rice, I just wanna try how it taste hahaha. Tried really hard persuading her but gave up since she said there's gonna be nice tomyam in Bukit Tinggi Aeon. I felt really insecure throughout the day.

Had never been out to a shopping mall without anything on my face + wearing a home shorts wtf. It just feels very inappropriate. And, I broke my mirror in Popular! I was trying to pick up a call and somehow the mirror fell out when I tried to get my phone grr. Too much time to kill and we ended up Greenbox. I love that place! It feels like heaven wtf wtf. And guess what? I went out with only RM70 with me!

Singing in Greenbox is so bloody fucking cheap and you get free flow of drinks and food! They have wider choices compared to Redbox. Aren't they from the same company? Greenbox don't have extra charges for the titbits unlike Redbox which charges like RM9 for each titbits WTF. Damn dumb okehh? So the next time you wanna karaoke, go the the nearest Greenbox! :D

FatVivi in school. I don't remember if I posed for this or not hahaha.


and the lovebirds.

I'm tres tired. Gotta snooze!

Loves, V.

02 July 2009

CS? Fuck it.

Super duper unlucky day wtf. We went out for breakfast all the way to Sunway Mentari when.. we actually can have it at the back of the school. You must be giving me that wtf face again wtf wtf. Okay so the whole idea of breakfast this morning was to have mamak but I've got no idea why they chose Sunway.

We were supposed to leave school at 7sharp but time delayed delayed.. and by the time we reached McDs it was 730am already wtf. And my friends took their own sweet time to enjoy their food! When laoniang was sitting down there, impatiently making noises just so they would give a fuck about how panic and scared I was. I have never been to school late! Like never, never. I don't wanna give it my first time soo.. they can't really blame me for making so much noises, can they? :(

We left McDs at 750am. We were supposed to be in school at that time!! Gawd, I started getting all sorts of feelings in my tummy wtf. I felt like shiting and I felt like peeing at the same time grr. And the besterest thing is my instead of making me feeling better, my friends were laughing at my panic face and couldn't stop making fun of me :( They even have the mood to take picture of my stressed out face! How can I not love my friends? SOME OF THEM EVEN SCOLDED ME WTF. To be frank, if I am on my bleeding love season, I would have seriously gone pissed and started throwing tantrum since 730am wtf. But I'm not trying to say I am pissed now either lol.

So finally, we reached school at 810am. Yay, officially late for school. And the besterestest? We met Mr Nathan hahahahahaha. Stood in front of the office and waited to be called to the Principal office. I really havta Thank God that he was being really nice and decided to just give us a 3 days CS during our break wtf. I cannot wait to stand at the courtyard, to be seen my the school yay -_-

Pictures from Lylia & Yapliang's B'day.

I look like some drunk bitch wanting to start some cat fight wtf.

Peiwuon, Yeeing, Vivi and tipsyEva.

Don't remember what I was trying to do at all -_-

Desmond, Hello Kitty, Yuric and Vivi.

Everything has its first time. So it wouldn't be that bad right? RIGHT.

Loves, V.