14 June 2009


1. I am clearly not okay.

2. I kept my fingers crossed throughout the whole morning till now and yet.. I am being treated like that wtf. I just want a bloody album. Why do you people wanna get it anyway! Ugh, I hate you. 我恨死你们挖得发!! FML.

3. My school starts tomorrow.

4. I want my 潘玮柏 Taiwan Edition 007 album!!!!

5. I want the ring designed by Will himself.

6. I have not done any of my homeworks. My moral folio to be specific wtf.

7. I am tooooo lazy to even pretend to do the house chores. I need it for my folio urgently. When's the due date again?

8. I literally feel like robbing all shops that sells the taiwan edition album. I am that desperate.

9. No I'm not emo.

10. Okay maybe I am but blame the bleeding love and blame those who bought the taiwan edition album and did not spare one for me!!!!!!

11. FML.

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