25 June 2009

There's always gonna be another mountain.


I feel so restless ever since we started using the new timetable. I have free periods everyday and I spend my time in the library doing nothing but chit chatting away and... okay this is for Farah and I to know hahahahaha. I tried doing my Maths homework and jeeeeeeeez, I don't even understand the topic well.

Everytime the teacher finish explaining, I would always turn back and stare at Chi and show her my face of questionmarks wtf wtf. My mid year Maths result was shit. I couldn't even score a full mark for questions that I've been practicing again and again! Wtf is this man :( Who says Chinese are good in Maths? I'm certainly not the one lor. I'm not sad wtf I'm just confused with what I want in life -_-

I ate my dinner an hour ago and now I feel like sleeping already sigh.

Sleepy Vivi signing off.

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