15 June 2009

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Before that, does anyone whose living in Kota Kemuning have the same problem as me which is.. having a fucking fucked up connection? Or its just my computer&me wtf. I dont wanna format my computer at this moment man.

Hola! I love school. I KID YOU NOT.
You prolly can tell that I only enjoy the company (duh? who doesnt wtf) and not the lessons. This is just a quickie update before I start my writing my reports while watching my all time favourite AOD. I fucking love psychologist! Esp. Alex Fong hehe. But the drama at 830 and 930 kinda confuse me sometimes. They use the same male cop wtf.

Okay its 823pm now. I better get going! You know you love me wtf.

Loves, V.

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