24 June 2009


School have been fairly good except for students getting sick and all. People should start taking care of themselves. Even if you have very normal sickness like the fever, sorethroat and flu, it would be better if you would do a check up. You wouldn't wanna spread it to the others right? Unless.. you really want everyone to die together with you la wtf.

Had a assembly today. God, I love assemblys to death :) Each of us students were given a mask. And you know what you can do with the mask? Its camwhore time!

Tally & I.



Saby, Farah, Vivi.

No la obviously not. Its precaution okay!

Anyway, we got back our overall results today and I suck ballz wtf. I don't know what to say about myself anymore hahaha. Buck up is so not the word to use already. 反省一下吧,微微安! 大考就快到了!再不努力还有等几时呢?还有可能活不到明天呢。Who knows, anything can happen isn't it.

I needa go shopping so badly, whether it is online or out at the mall. Shopping is the last thing Mummykins would do. I know right, which woman on Earth hates shopping wtf. Paps used to do the shopping for us. Mum didn't even knew what size I was wearing until highschool hahaha. But then, asking Paps to bring me out to shopping is the last thing I would want him to do :(

Where to get Acid Wash Jeans? :(

Ryan Lim.

FarahtheTallest and that's Mas pointing at her wtf.

Grumpy Mas.

Farah and NickG. Thanks again for the bread :P

Chi and her beau.

This is Hello Kitty on webbie!

Take care of your personal hygiene!

Loves, V.

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