23 June 2009

Newly Weds #1.

Cheryl is a girl who I go tuition with when I was 9. I used to tutor together along with the Form 4's and 5's long long time ago. We don't talk but we do smile at each other. Later on, our parents got to know each other and I often go over to their house to meet up with her other sisters, Christine, Charlene and Charlotte.

And last Sunday, she got married.

When Mummykins first told me bout the news, I cannot believe it at all. Never thought she would get married this fast. The thing that shocked me most is.. time is really flying. When I saw her on stage, I cannot stop recalling back our tuition moments hahaha.

Sexy Charlene and I.

So, I'm supposed to call you Aunty Cheryl, Cheryl Che Che or Cheryl now? ;)

P/s: I wish to get married at early age too. :S

Loves, V.

4 bombs thrown:

Charlene.G @ 雪琳 said...

woah~ i wasn't there when they were on stage!! >"<

Thanks for the pic!! =)

Vivian said...

No problem! :D

HsienLe said...

Cis~ you wanna call Cheryl jie jie I don't mind. You wanna call Cheryl also find. But no aunty pls. You ben dan~ We should be childhood friends. LoL.

Vivian said...

so when you reach your 30s close to 40s, im still supposed to call you cheryl CHE CHE? hahahahah!