20 June 2009

Lylia & Yapliang's 17th.

I had great great fun yesterday! We celebrated Lylia and Yapliang's 17th at the park opposite Lylia's house. Poor girl, her mum kinda scolded her but anyway the party was a great success! Without further ado, I shall now present you the pictures. The food and drinks were yum! Didn't know there would be people getting tipsy that night.

Please be a little patient bout the pictures. It takes time to load okay!!

HornyVivi, Yapliang, Wairen, Derrick, Keanwei.


Eva THEN! I feel like continuing her name :P

Eva and the birthday girl, Hello Kitty Lylia!

The baby korean that lives in her neighbourhood! His Bob. His freaking adorable and his freaking scared of me -_-

Eva on bike.

Peiwuon and I.

The titanic style!

The very grumpy birthday boy and I.

FatVivi and Suet.

Shot #2.

Super young korean Mum whose also Bob's mum. Bob have 2 older brothers! The same age as I am! But sadly.... I did not get to see them -_- *disappointed face*

Eva's only entertainment :P

I think the guys got high even before all the alcohols haha. Wairen, Desmond, Nielsen and Ian.

Derrick: "Eh come on la, share some porn la!"
Wenjie: "Let me think about it first..."

*inside joke* I texted Wenjie the other day with Derrick's phone and he replied me, "Fuck you, you're not Derrick." Hahahaha.

The red face is coming... I've no idea what was I trying to do -_-

Wenjie whose super afraid of tickle. Now you know his weakness :P

This is Ryan, my darling who have shit lots of darlings outside wtf.

Group photo of the Girls! GIRL POWER! ;D

茶又力 or 真有力? Teh Yuric it is.

Chee Wui loves me hahahaha. (She's gonna start screaming again!)

My love.

Excuse the face.

Ian who can't stop disturbing me last year but thank God, I got rid of him and now his new target is Eva! ;D

Eva the Tipsy.

FatVivi, EvaTipsy & Peiwuon.

Mum: "Why are you so lonely in the picture?"

My backbone.

Vivian being "extra" in the court. No one bothers passing to me the ball!

EvaTipsy and Yee Ing.

Peiwuon. Caught red handed. (She was really drinking! O_o)

Hello Kitty and I.

FatVivi and DerrickTipsy.

Wenjie who really really need to start creating a Facebook and start interacting with the world wtf.

Lylia and Peiwuon.

Ryan farts, I sniff. WTF WTF WTF.

FatVivi and Yee Ing.

The Sri KL guys had a friendly match with some of the guys who lived in the neighbourhood. I feel so so so sorry to tell you Sri KL-ians that we suck balls wtf. I couldn't even finish the match. *sigh* no eye see.

I was trying to open it but failed wtf.

After the Vodka that Ian brought, we had the Heineken that Hello Kitty bought!


Darling? -_-

A Hello Kitty jelly cake.


Group photo #1: FAILED.

Group photo #2: SUCCEED!

Yee Ing, Eva, Suet and Ian being young in heart.


Wenjie with no cleavage :P

EvaTipsy and WenjieTipsy.

EvaTipsy & Wairen.

EvaTipsy and Yee Ing.

EvaTipsy and Suet.

Yee Ing and Suet.

Birthday boy and Birthday girl.

Red face Peiwuon and Half red face FatVivi.

Yapliang in Topsy Turvy town.

Peiwuon, FatVivi, Hello Kitty and EvaTipsy.

GrumpyDesmond, WairenTipsy, EvaTipsy and Hello Kitty.

That's not all! Still waiting for Hello Kitty to send me the pictures from her camera :D

Loves, V.

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