29 June 2009

If It Makes You Happy

I SINNED again!!!

I've been eating so much lately wtf. I ate Kenny Rogers on Saturday then fries from Tony Roma's with Mas and his familia together with Peiwuon. Oh yeah, I had like 2 big cups of Sprite that day wtf glucose = fat. Yesterday was my most sinful night wtf. Had the most scrumptious dinner at Sentul and its super duper cheap! 13 people and the bill only came up to RM270.70! I'm so awaiting the day where lazyPeiwuon finally gets her ride and off we go Food Hunting! (I speak sin too wtf!)

Hopped over to Aunty Elaine's brother's condo at The Maple. Its so fucking beautiful that I don't mind staying all the way at KL anymore. Never had a good impression bout KL with the horror jam they have gawd. That's more than enough. The view from the 28th floor was magnificent!
You can see KL Tower and KLCC clearly and omg the streetlights, lights from the residential area made the view look really pretty.

Sorry, crappy phone.

School have been perfectly fine. Am starting to cope with the new timetable's time. Ugh, it makes no difference though. As long as I have my free periods, that's all that matters. Spent most of the time in library gossiping bout CharSiewPau with Ruwen, Jocelyn, Peiwuon, Suet and Ruby (I'm not quite sure bout her name :S). Freaking awesome shit, I love Ruwen! :)

My new "In A Relationship" Partner hehe.

I'mma go have some sleep now. Before I leave...

If my dog reads my blog, he would prolly bite me to death already.

Loves, V.

2 bombs thrown:

Charlene.G @ 雪琳 said...

Hahhaa.. the food damn nice kan!?
I hope the adults are serious about bringing us there for a night to stay!! I dont mind borrowing DSLR to snap all over the place!! It is so incredibly nice lah!! GggRrr~~~

and and and.. The food is fucking nice!! I'm so gonna have to agree with you about that!! Muahaha~~

Vivian said...

omg yes charlene! i love the food alot though its only my 2nd time there. you shall bring me there soon hehe >:) the night view was awesome right? i wanna see it in the morning! :(