07 June 2009

Sher-Maine's Sexy 17

After much deciding whether to go or not to, I went after the persuading of Peiwuon. The reason why I didn't wanna go is because... I didn't have anything to wear that suits the theme "Summer Love" wtf wtf. I don't go to the beach and I don't have Summer-ish dresses T_T

I didn't have any pictures with the birhtday girl wtf I am still wondering how did I even forget about that. Sher had a photographer and this photographer is so @^#%*#$%!!!! He enjoys taking candid pictures of others wtf. I think Peiwuon and I have lots of ugly candid photos in his camera sighhhhhhhhh :/

Zhi and I! :)

Peiwuon and JJ.

Lam Shein and Peiwuon.

Amelia, Rina & Peiwuon.

Plus FatVivi!

Seng Giap, Peiwuon, Wei Siong, Rina and Zenvern.

Clockwise : Joanne, Amelia, Rina, Heng Hau, Zenvern, Wei Siong, Peiwuon, Seng Giap.

Joanne and Peiwuon.

................. my very unglam moments ugh wtf lol. That's Lam Shein btw!


Heng Hau and Zhi!

JJ, AhPek Siong and Chun Fai.

His pink is so striky wtf. The color even reflected on my face hahahaha. No la -_-

The bear and I.

Maskurnia :P

Cake cutting.

I think their singing wtf hahaha.
Rekha you look so cute! :P

The door gift that we got! :) Prettyyyy, me likeyyy.

Loves, V.

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