10 June 2009


It was a great success. Baked chocolate cheese muffin and made potato salad under Smellyn's recipe wtf. It was my bad for underestimating her cooking skills deyy because she can certainly cook some shits. At least she have more potential to be a housewife than I do wtf.

Mum was there to guide us when we were baking the muffins. At one moment, I felt like I own a superMum haha. The muffins tasted really great and so does Smellyn's potato salad. Next baking attempt: Banana cake! Then, Mummykins made currypuff which obviously tasted really goooooood too. 我知道我很幸福! ;)


It takes forever to wake her up.

Mum and I. She had a haircut wtf like a fucking short boycut.

Vivi in action!

Smelly in action!

& this is my lazyPeiwuon in action. It feels so unbelivable to see her doing this wtf :P

Almost there....

Done! So pretty like cow spots haha.

Boiling the potatoes.

Fats who came really late wtf so he had to cut the potatoes.


I forgot to take pictures of both the results -_-

Loves, V.

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