28 June 2009

Bumblebee. Wheeeeee!

A day out with Mas, Peiwuon and Chi.

The whole idea of going out was to watch Transformers 2 with Mas and his familia but somehow, I ended up burning a big hole in my wallet again!! I desperately needs a claim in the cash I spent just now. It've been quite sometime since I last claim my money from Mummykins. I iz so dead. I just started saving my money but I ended up spending em' in less than a day's time wtf.

While we were walking aimlessly, guess who we saw?! NICHOLAS ZHANG DONG LIANG!! I was really close to him and he just walked pass me like that. Not that I like him nor a fan of him but it is quite a big deal to meet a star like that wtf. He walked really quick when the 3 of us kinda screamed his name out wtf. So, Chi and I chased for him but sadly, we lost track of him.

Anyway, a big THANKYOU to Mas and his family for the movie tix! The queue was really really long. I don't quite get it. What's the big hoo hah about Transformers? All you see is just few robots fighting isn't it? Well, that's exactly what I thought before watching it.

Chi. I like her top!



Next time I'll ask Will Pan to sit in front of you kay HAHAHAHAHA.

Very ugly shot.

Took a better one! :)

I am prolly the only person who doesn't watch action movies. Uhm, for now. I haven't find someone who doesn't watch the movies I don't watch and only watches the movie I watch. Geddit? The truth is.. Transformers 2 was good. LIKE REAL GOOD, GOOD!!! (I had to use 3 exclamation mark.) I don't know if the first one was better because I did not watch it at all but this is seriously good.

And you know if Megan Fox is really a man, I don't think anyone gives a shit anymore. She is effing hot *drools* Her body is to die for. Her looks... zomfgwtfbbq I don't know how to describe. She's just pretty like that.


Guess who got it?!


Nope its not the Taiwanese version. I literally gave up already. I don't see anywhere selling it and I have tried many many times asking. I even left my number for the shopkeeper to call me. I got Jennifer to check it in Bangkok (Thanks babe!) but they don't have it sigh. Ugh, its just a ring right? I should just get over it.

No wait, I did -_-

Goodnight lovelies.

Loves, V.

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