18 June 2009

Baby girl say okay okay okay.

I got back my super depressing and expected results! Like most of em' and I'm actually quite okay with my results haha. Prolly cos I've never set a high expectation for myself. I don't think I can take the disappointment if my results didn't turn out to be what I want :S.

I failed my History HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wtf I think its one of the most expected subject to fail. How did people even manage to score a A1 for History man?! I really don't understand how. Anyway, the next test is on 18th July wtf wtf wtf. I promised to do well but T___________T what happened!

Oh & by the way! Did you know that the juniors found maggots in the tofu egg today?! HAHAHA. Thank God I didn't had lunch today! Don't worry, maggots are healthy wtf. Can you feel something crawling in your tummy now? :P

Farah I feel like telling you, "Hi, long time no see!" wtf wtf.

Bryan the Vegetarian Man Boobs!

Get well soon!

Loves, V.

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