01 June 2009


Smellyn came to visit! So nice to see her after sucha long long time wtf. It feels like decades since I last saw Peiwuon and Smellyn. Even though I go to the same school as Peiwuon wtf wtf. Dropped by just to say hi. Most of the time we were watching 我猜我猜我猜猜猜. *sigh* Why am I sucha bad host wtf. No maybe their bad guests :P

Left for McDs with Kar Wai and Smellyn. Did some catch up with Smellyn's phone and her and taaadaaaaaaa, I'm home! I feel so broke lately :/ & I feel so powderful because I can spend money even without going out of the house! How? Online shopping -_-. The amount of money I spent exceeded my monthly usage. And yet, I'm still buying now hahahaha.

You know it really annoys me when people give me that omg-you're-buying-stuffs-online-ew look wtf. What's wrong with buying things online? And I seriously don't get why people can't stop telling me that I should buy my clothes from the malls instead. I do! Just that I don't have the 'mood' to buy it whenever I'm out because 24/7 of the time, I'll be with my friends.

Not everything you buy from the mall worths the price you pay. AAHHHHH what's the point of explaning if you're not even gonna get it wtf. No I'm not moody nor pissed. Its just that it really bothers me that 9 out of 10 people have the same thinking and noone thinks like me wtf T_T

Anyway, it've been quite sometime since I last posted pictures of my Loves!

This is GP. No this is Jack. Haha kidding its GP. Okay nono, his Jack wtf wtf.
cSeong didn't allow my maid to cut the fur near his eyes. & yes, my maid cuts my dog's fur wtf. You know how much does it cost to send both my dogs to grooming? -_-

GP is somewhere near botak now. Ohmy, I can see him aging wtf.

I'mma watch my drama now! ;)

Loves, V.

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Halo!! I love to shop online too alright!!! xD

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