30 June 2009






Type PLKN SEMAK (your ic number) and send it to 15888 to see if you get chosen or not!
Good luck. ;)

Loves, V.

Happy 17th, Beebuzz!

Happy 17th, Jazzywazzy!

I love you more than I can say ~

Loves, V.

29 June 2009

If It Makes You Happy

I SINNED again!!!

I've been eating so much lately wtf. I ate Kenny Rogers on Saturday then fries from Tony Roma's with Mas and his familia together with Peiwuon. Oh yeah, I had like 2 big cups of Sprite that day wtf glucose = fat. Yesterday was my most sinful night wtf. Had the most scrumptious dinner at Sentul and its super duper cheap! 13 people and the bill only came up to RM270.70! I'm so awaiting the day where lazyPeiwuon finally gets her ride and off we go Food Hunting! (I speak sin too wtf!)

Hopped over to Aunty Elaine's brother's condo at The Maple. Its so fucking beautiful that I don't mind staying all the way at KL anymore. Never had a good impression bout KL with the horror jam they have gawd. That's more than enough. The view from the 28th floor was magnificent!
You can see KL Tower and KLCC clearly and omg the streetlights, lights from the residential area made the view look really pretty.

Sorry, crappy phone.

School have been perfectly fine. Am starting to cope with the new timetable's time. Ugh, it makes no difference though. As long as I have my free periods, that's all that matters. Spent most of the time in library gossiping bout CharSiewPau with Ruwen, Jocelyn, Peiwuon, Suet and Ruby (I'm not quite sure bout her name :S). Freaking awesome shit, I love Ruwen! :)

My new "In A Relationship" Partner hehe.

I'mma go have some sleep now. Before I leave...

If my dog reads my blog, he would prolly bite me to death already.

Loves, V.

28 June 2009

Bumblebee. Wheeeeee!

A day out with Mas, Peiwuon and Chi.

The whole idea of going out was to watch Transformers 2 with Mas and his familia but somehow, I ended up burning a big hole in my wallet again!! I desperately needs a claim in the cash I spent just now. It've been quite sometime since I last claim my money from Mummykins. I iz so dead. I just started saving my money but I ended up spending em' in less than a day's time wtf.

While we were walking aimlessly, guess who we saw?! NICHOLAS ZHANG DONG LIANG!! I was really close to him and he just walked pass me like that. Not that I like him nor a fan of him but it is quite a big deal to meet a star like that wtf. He walked really quick when the 3 of us kinda screamed his name out wtf. So, Chi and I chased for him but sadly, we lost track of him.

Anyway, a big THANKYOU to Mas and his family for the movie tix! The queue was really really long. I don't quite get it. What's the big hoo hah about Transformers? All you see is just few robots fighting isn't it? Well, that's exactly what I thought before watching it.

Chi. I like her top!



Next time I'll ask Will Pan to sit in front of you kay HAHAHAHAHA.

Very ugly shot.

Took a better one! :)

I am prolly the only person who doesn't watch action movies. Uhm, for now. I haven't find someone who doesn't watch the movies I don't watch and only watches the movie I watch. Geddit? The truth is.. Transformers 2 was good. LIKE REAL GOOD, GOOD!!! (I had to use 3 exclamation mark.) I don't know if the first one was better because I did not watch it at all but this is seriously good.

And you know if Megan Fox is really a man, I don't think anyone gives a shit anymore. She is effing hot *drools* Her body is to die for. Her looks... zomfgwtfbbq I don't know how to describe. She's just pretty like that.


Guess who got it?!


Nope its not the Taiwanese version. I literally gave up already. I don't see anywhere selling it and I have tried many many times asking. I even left my number for the shopkeeper to call me. I got Jennifer to check it in Bangkok (Thanks babe!) but they don't have it sigh. Ugh, its just a ring right? I should just get over it.

No wait, I did -_-

Goodnight lovelies.

Loves, V.

26 June 2009


Today is thesuayest day. I've never encountered shits like that throughout my life!!

It started off right after I left my room. I was walking down the stairs with my socks on. Its not something unusual since I always put my socks on before I leave my room. You know how stairs are divided into like 3 parts? :S The middle of the stairs got fewer steps right.. I somehow slipped and fell at the 2nd last step. And then.....


I landed nicely on my left ass. My maid who was in the kitchen got a shocked too wtf but thank God she didn't came to have a look (I landed in a very ugly posture wtf). It was so damn painful and now my left ass hurts whenever I need to sit and I hit my back when I fell also grrr ugh. How can life be so suay man wtf.

Then comes after school. Kyearn, Chi and I were walking back to school from AC. When I was crossing the road, I heard Kyearn shouting "MOTOR AH!" but I didn't know what to do so I screamed and stood there WTF WTF. Kyearn pulled me away and that motor uncle gave me that "wtf-why-did-you-even-need-to-scream-face" before he left. Omg so embarassing can die dot com plez.

Came back to school and went over to disturb Tess who was eating. He got so nervous with me playing with his phone and he accidentally poured his Excel on my phone!!! Chi and I were Excel-fied. My skirt have this stupid Excel stain on and Chi had Excel on both her uni and skirt lololololololol.

I hate today.

I know I have weird friends..

By the way, this is for..

Michael Joseph Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" who once moonwalked above the music world, died Thursday as he prepared for a comeback bid to vanquish nightmare years of sexual scandal and financial calamity. He was 50. "It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until results of the autopsy are known," his brother Jermaine said.

May you rest in peace.

p/s: My ass hurts.
p/p/s: My mum laughed happily when I told her wtf.

Loves, V.

25 June 2009

There's always gonna be another mountain.


I feel so restless ever since we started using the new timetable. I have free periods everyday and I spend my time in the library doing nothing but chit chatting away and... okay this is for Farah and I to know hahahahaha. I tried doing my Maths homework and jeeeeeeeez, I don't even understand the topic well.

Everytime the teacher finish explaining, I would always turn back and stare at Chi and show her my face of questionmarks wtf wtf. My mid year Maths result was shit. I couldn't even score a full mark for questions that I've been practicing again and again! Wtf is this man :( Who says Chinese are good in Maths? I'm certainly not the one lor. I'm not sad wtf I'm just confused with what I want in life -_-

I ate my dinner an hour ago and now I feel like sleeping already sigh.

Sleepy Vivi signing off.

24 June 2009


School have been fairly good except for students getting sick and all. People should start taking care of themselves. Even if you have very normal sickness like the fever, sorethroat and flu, it would be better if you would do a check up. You wouldn't wanna spread it to the others right? Unless.. you really want everyone to die together with you la wtf.

Had a assembly today. God, I love assemblys to death :) Each of us students were given a mask. And you know what you can do with the mask? Its camwhore time!

Tally & I.



Saby, Farah, Vivi.

No la obviously not. Its precaution okay!

Anyway, we got back our overall results today and I suck ballz wtf. I don't know what to say about myself anymore hahaha. Buck up is so not the word to use already. 反省一下吧,微微安! 大考就快到了!再不努力还有等几时呢?还有可能活不到明天呢。Who knows, anything can happen isn't it.

I needa go shopping so badly, whether it is online or out at the mall. Shopping is the last thing Mummykins would do. I know right, which woman on Earth hates shopping wtf. Paps used to do the shopping for us. Mum didn't even knew what size I was wearing until highschool hahaha. But then, asking Paps to bring me out to shopping is the last thing I would want him to do :(

Where to get Acid Wash Jeans? :(

Ryan Lim.

FarahtheTallest and that's Mas pointing at her wtf.

Grumpy Mas.

Farah and NickG. Thanks again for the bread :P

Chi and her beau.

This is Hello Kitty on webbie!

Take care of your personal hygiene!

Loves, V.

23 June 2009

Newly Weds #1.

Cheryl is a girl who I go tuition with when I was 9. I used to tutor together along with the Form 4's and 5's long long time ago. We don't talk but we do smile at each other. Later on, our parents got to know each other and I often go over to their house to meet up with her other sisters, Christine, Charlene and Charlotte.

And last Sunday, she got married.

When Mummykins first told me bout the news, I cannot believe it at all. Never thought she would get married this fast. The thing that shocked me most is.. time is really flying. When I saw her on stage, I cannot stop recalling back our tuition moments hahaha.

Sexy Charlene and I.

So, I'm supposed to call you Aunty Cheryl, Cheryl Che Che or Cheryl now? ;)

P/s: I wish to get married at early age too. :S

Loves, V.

22 June 2009

Happy Macho 17th, Moon!

Happy Macho 17th, Yap Liang!

Last year, I made a wish on your birthday wtf. To hope for you to treat me better!
& this year, that miracle came true :P. At least I don't feel like shit now wtf.

Hope you've enjoyed the birthday party! Be good and don't train so hard!
Would you please spare me a little of that RM600 you got from the school? hehe.


Loves, V.

21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Dear Papabear!

& to all father's around the globe. Have a good day!

Loves, V.

Happy Sweeet 17th, Lylia!

Happy Birthday, Lylia Wong Zhi Min! ♥

My dear hello kitty, thank you for your awesome birthday party. We know how much effort and money you've gave in for the party and I truly appreciate it. Hopefully we didn't blew the party.

We may not be very close but you've been a very awesome friend esp when you have to tolerate with me non stop kicking your chair daily in school.
Even though most of the time I don't quite get you when you try to story something but I still love you hello kity :P

Thanks again and have a good one!

Love youuuuuuuuu ~

Loves, V.

20 June 2009

Lylia & Yapliang's 17th.

I had great great fun yesterday! We celebrated Lylia and Yapliang's 17th at the park opposite Lylia's house. Poor girl, her mum kinda scolded her but anyway the party was a great success! Without further ado, I shall now present you the pictures. The food and drinks were yum! Didn't know there would be people getting tipsy that night.

Please be a little patient bout the pictures. It takes time to load okay!!

HornyVivi, Yapliang, Wairen, Derrick, Keanwei.


Eva THEN! I feel like continuing her name :P

Eva and the birthday girl, Hello Kitty Lylia!

The baby korean that lives in her neighbourhood! His Bob. His freaking adorable and his freaking scared of me -_-

Eva on bike.

Peiwuon and I.

The titanic style!

The very grumpy birthday boy and I.

FatVivi and Suet.

Shot #2.

Super young korean Mum whose also Bob's mum. Bob have 2 older brothers! The same age as I am! But sadly.... I did not get to see them -_- *disappointed face*

Eva's only entertainment :P

I think the guys got high even before all the alcohols haha. Wairen, Desmond, Nielsen and Ian.

Derrick: "Eh come on la, share some porn la!"
Wenjie: "Let me think about it first..."

*inside joke* I texted Wenjie the other day with Derrick's phone and he replied me, "Fuck you, you're not Derrick." Hahahaha.

The red face is coming... I've no idea what was I trying to do -_-

Wenjie whose super afraid of tickle. Now you know his weakness :P

This is Ryan, my darling who have shit lots of darlings outside wtf.

Group photo of the Girls! GIRL POWER! ;D

茶又力 or 真有力? Teh Yuric it is.

Chee Wui loves me hahahaha. (She's gonna start screaming again!)

My love.

Excuse the face.

Ian who can't stop disturbing me last year but thank God, I got rid of him and now his new target is Eva! ;D

Eva the Tipsy.

FatVivi, EvaTipsy & Peiwuon.

Mum: "Why are you so lonely in the picture?"

My backbone.

Vivian being "extra" in the court. No one bothers passing to me the ball!

EvaTipsy and Yee Ing.

Peiwuon. Caught red handed. (She was really drinking! O_o)

Hello Kitty and I.

FatVivi and DerrickTipsy.

Wenjie who really really need to start creating a Facebook and start interacting with the world wtf.

Lylia and Peiwuon.

Ryan farts, I sniff. WTF WTF WTF.

FatVivi and Yee Ing.

The Sri KL guys had a friendly match with some of the guys who lived in the neighbourhood. I feel so so so sorry to tell you Sri KL-ians that we suck balls wtf. I couldn't even finish the match. *sigh* no eye see.

I was trying to open it but failed wtf.

After the Vodka that Ian brought, we had the Heineken that Hello Kitty bought!


Darling? -_-

A Hello Kitty jelly cake.


Group photo #1: FAILED.

Group photo #2: SUCCEED!

Yee Ing, Eva, Suet and Ian being young in heart.


Wenjie with no cleavage :P

EvaTipsy and WenjieTipsy.

EvaTipsy & Wairen.

EvaTipsy and Yee Ing.

EvaTipsy and Suet.

Yee Ing and Suet.

Birthday boy and Birthday girl.

Red face Peiwuon and Half red face FatVivi.

Yapliang in Topsy Turvy town.

Peiwuon, FatVivi, Hello Kitty and EvaTipsy.

GrumpyDesmond, WairenTipsy, EvaTipsy and Hello Kitty.

That's not all! Still waiting for Hello Kitty to send me the pictures from her camera :D

Loves, V.