06 May 2009


You know I really hate to say this but I have this stupid thing in my brain that reminds myself every single godamn day. Mid year exam is only 12 days away Sri KL-ians. I love exams. Nah, I'm just joking. No wait, I really do. :)

I'm sinful.

I'm spending RM200+ buying clothes online hahahahaha but at the same time, I'm super happy! 1) I got my brother to sponsor RM50 of it and he agreed. 2) I actually threated cWey to buy me or else.. hehe >:). 3) He takes out money = Can lessen my heavy burden with money wtf = Vivian happy = Vivian won't tell parents what he did = cWey happy = Vivian even happier.

I love life hehe. But, I love cWey even more! *fly a kiss*

The below actually represents Vivi except.. her hands, legs and tummy shrink a lot little hehe.

One fine day, he was doing his usualy photo shooting outdoor.

This time.. with a helicopter.

Happily shooting :D

Then, his love of his life, Vivian got kidnapped by some kelefehs wtf. He gave him a nice kick!

Kelefeh was pissed and tried to hit back but the man blocks!

...... &, gave him another kick!

He saves his love of his life.

And they lived happily ever after.

Now you know I'm really dying at home. I couldn't be bothered to study. HOW?! T_______T

Fat Vivi.

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