16 May 2009

The Street Cafe

It says, "The Best Korean Street Food,"

It was full house last Friday during their opening if I'm not wrong. Was supposed to try it together with Venice but ended up buying a drink in 7-11, sat down at the mini park and start chatting away.

So yesterday, the lovebird, Xingrou and I decided to try it out. It wasn't as good as I expected. Xingrou and I agreed that we felt like we were eating the Korean Instant Noodle, Shin Ramyun. Or maybe we were?

This is how Shin Ramyun looks like.

It was quite disappointing though. My noodle was supposed to taste spicy but the spicy wasn't that spicy unlike Xingrou's one. Her noodle was really spicy and it even chokes the back of your throat! Yum yum yum. Chi, who couldn't take anything spicy tried it.

The photo can't really tell but her face immediately turned red after she drank the soup.

I like how they served it with a small pot, just like the ones you see from Korean dramas haha.

The next time I'll enter the shop is prolly after I rob the bank. RM 9.90 for the noodles each. I kid you not. :/

p/s: I can start writing less since the big photos would takes up alot of space. You happy, I happy.

Loves, V.

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