22 May 2009

So near yet so far.

Excited! 7 down, 8 more to go heeheeeeee. :)

Happy but frustrated and stress at the same time *sigh*
Why do I have a paper tomorrow! As if its not bad enough, its a bloody History paper wtf.

....... which I have not study a single shit yet heh. Ready to fail and definitely more than ready to cry the minute I flip through the questions. Oh yknow surprisingly, I did not stoned and panic like how I used to be before and during my Maths paper. I call it a good improvement wtf. Who cares if I pass my paper or not then ;/ Hahahaha me -_- I kid you not.

I've made my test! Now click me. The highest score so far is a 60% and lowest 20%.
Break the high score! Break it, break it!

See how sexy Derrick's hands are compared to mine. Like Yin&Yang wtf.
(yknow the other day, there was this form3 girl who came to derrick and actually ask for his number wtf so funny can die dot com and he couldn't stop blushing hahahahahahahaahaha. I really wonder how did the girl actually have the guts to walk up to the guy and ask for his number wtf wtf wtf.)

Okay I'mma go study some shits. Now, tell me how you stuff 10 chapters of boring old history shits into your brain in less than 12 hours time?!

Wish me luck.

Loves, V.

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