08 May 2009


My life is currently full of nothing but boredom. Is this what a seventeen years old girl's life should be? I mean not like I really need to be in clubs, smoking my lungs out or having a boyf wtf wtf. Can't my life be some what better and "interesting"? Something like having a day out with your beloved mom and shop? Why does Mummykins hates shopping *screams* I'm always on a budget but I can never control my budget wtf and thats not the worse thing, I tend to overspend somemore *sigh* I want a raise in my pocket money! I've been digging the red packets too much lately until yesterday, I realize the blue-green-ish note is getting thinner! O.O

I was supposed to tag Peiwuon along to her next photoshoot but but but.. will be having this 3 days prayers for my late grandfather and its gonna last for the whole day, starting tonight. Doubt I'll even have the time to sit down and enjoy my drama for a minute which means no time for studying this week. I don't know to feel happy that I don't need to be sticking my face to the book for hours or to be scared that the mid yr is drawing closer pfft.

Why do people only read blogs for pictures and not for what they write? -_-


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