04 May 2009

Last Photoshoot

We had our class photos shoot today and please allow me to say this, its also the worst photoshoot I've ever had in my entire school life. It wasn't even a proper one and not everyone were inside the photo sigh. 1) No uniform. 2) Absent. 3) Merajuk. (?!?!?!!?) I know right, I don't know what happened also but somehow my classmate just walked off like that wtf. It was really quite disappointing la but its not like I can undo what happened right.

You know we were supposed to have a so called demo photo for our class. I know right at least I have a copy wtf. Well, where is it then? Maybe you should ask Mr Ryan Lim, the besterestest photographer ever hahaha.

I like this photo except.. Hazel's hand was blocking wtf.

Wenjie looks very cinapek HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. & Yuric, you look like you were possessed or something wtf.

Anyway, this is a news for all guys!


Oral Sex in Car, Van Crash.
Woman Clerk Bit Off Boss's Penis.

SINGAPORE - A boss and a clerk attempted sex in a car, when a car accident happened and the boss instantly lost his penis!A rare accident has happened in Eastern Sea Park parking bays, A boss takes an interest in an office clerk, the two of them took an intercourse after business hours, unexpectedly when they are enjoying their "moments", a van attempts to reverse and leave the parking bay, but lost its control and crash into the car they are in.In the huge impact, a huge scream is heard, and the clerk took sometime to realise and shocked that her boss's "brother" is bitten off at the spot, blood flows everywhere, she panicked and screamed.

Husband Hires Detective to Spy On Scandal

Even worse, the clerk's husband got the news from a detective reporting on her "betrayal", and he immediately rushed to the place to catch them in the act, unexpectedly he arrived there to see such a bloody sene, he was momentarily stunned for a while.The detective knows the situation is serious, and immediately called in the ambulance, sending the nearly dead boss to the hospital.The detective, Mr.Liao accepted the Singaporean News Network's interview, said this is his first time to see such a scary sex case.Mr. Liao says the wife who betrayed the husband is 30 years old, the husband is an insurance company manager, he suspects his wife of a controversy so he hired him to investigate."That time I tailed the clerk's and boss's car, followed them to Eastern Sea Park's parking bays. I saw them parked their car there but never came down the car, then afterwards the car starts to shake, immediately i understood what's happening, and called my client."He says, when the insurance manager rushed to the parking bay, and is about to rush towards the boss's car, when he witnessed the van crashed onto the car."We rushed fowards to see what happened, when I saw that middle-aged boss having his unders bleeded heavily, the seat was full of blood, he was screaming in agony, the situation is crazy."

Suspected SMS Shows Wife Unloyal.

Mr Liao says the 30 year old insurance manager, found out that his wife's relationship with him has become cold around this time, she also frequents sending phone messages. She even smiles at times on her phone, he started to doubt his wife.He checked her phone secretly at certain times, and found that her inbox has a whole lot of love messages, including "Honey, I miss you...", "I think a lot of you, dear...", "Have you slept? I love you..." He was shocked, realising there was a 3rd party in his marriage.He asked her wife about the love messages, his wife however just said it's jokes from her other worker-friends, this answer make him suspicious of her even more, so he hired a detective to eavesdrop on his wife, and found out about this.

Wive Accompanys Boss to The Hospital.

The clerk picked up the boss's broken penis, and accompanied the boss to the hospital, and angers his husband and they divorced.Mr. Liao says the eye-witnesses saw the boss's broken penis, and they paniclly took tissuese to stop his bleeding, and called the ambulance."That clerk is very shocked, especially when her husband is right in front of them, but seeing his own boss bitten by her like that, she doesn't care his husband's surprise and anger, immediately picked up his "brother" and followed the ambulance to the hospital."Mr. Liao says after that incident, he was not sure if the boss had his penis back, but he knows that the clerk's husband is finished with her and divorced.

I know the most of you wouldn't bother reading wtf. But the point is.... the guy's male part actually broke!! I'm pretty curious on how it actually manage to broke. Isn't it supposed to be hard? :S

The moral of the story. Do not do in public hahahaahaha.

Loves, V.

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~G~ said...

haha ~!!iheard about this news from my friend ~!
and this is the 1st time i really read it ~! hahaha ~!
aiyoyo ~!!!
hard and brittle mar ~! then fragile ~!!
summoe ~!!
teeth and penis ~!! u say which is harder huh ????
hahaha ~!!!
agree ~!! don't do in public ~! hahhaha ~! :P nice one nice one !~! :P

Vivian said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. teeth ahd penis which is harder HAHAHAHAHAHAH omg omg damn funny lolol. so you should remind urself not to do in public at anytime :P