02 May 2009

I don't need another G, I can have it all in him!

I am falling head over heels for my man again

Wilber Pan ft Akon - Be With You MV is officially out!


They recorded the song together in Japan. Akon is not in the mv though. Watch this only if you understand mandarin :)

I didn't like how she reacted wtf. She looks like she was trying to seduce him wtf wtf.

I am so proud of my ♥.


By the way, cWey are you still reading my blog? *die die die I hope you are hehe* This would be a perfect Mother's Day present. That way, I can get to use it since Mum doesn't use it often hehe! GET MY MESSAGE OR NOT!!

I am not choosy you know. Either of this will do! :P

Loves, V.

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