26 May 2009

& I don't care what they say, gonna be with you.

I miss this place so so much. But yknow what, I promise a long post coming soon. Even if I don't get all the pix, I'll make sure this blog is stuffed with Farah's face haha :P

School have been really bad especially the mid yr papers which is killing me badly. Or uhm, skinning me alive wtf. I cannot concentrate and.. the number of things that you need to memorize is zomfgwtfbbq. I gave up, closed my book and went to bed. I miss my beauty sleep so badly wtf.

Anyway, I'mma go sleep now hahahaha. I cannot be bothered to even flip through my Science book nor memorize some bloody nilais to my brain. Oh well, nights everyone! :)


My chiii :D

Apparently, they were 'revising'.

The lovebirds.

Loves, V.

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