28 May 2009

How could you.

I really wonder what are the causes that made a guy this selfish? I know I'm being another busybody to make you believe in what I'm trying to say. And who knows, I might end you up in a big shit but I'm only saying base on what I'm feeling. You need not take my words for real and digest it but you can at least try to think if what I'm saying make sense to you or not.

My words are no longer convincing to you. You were this close to leading a happy and free life. Free from all the dramas and be who you used to be. You only need a little more determination but maybe its what God wants, to make you a tougher and stronger person. But then again, his not everything my dear.

I think I'm going a little too far but you should know why am I saying all these things. If this is the way you want things to be, I'll hope for nothing but the best for you. You know I'll always be here for you no matter what.

Loves, V.

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