17 May 2009

Boom boom pow.

I've been counting down and the day is finally here. So excited! But, nervous at the same time. &, you know what? I haven't started studying yet hahaha. I really should blame Facebook! I'm currently a freaking fb addict and the only two damn thing I do in fb is to.. play Pet Society and Friends For Sale. I understand how PS can be sucha boring and stupid game to play since the only thing you do is to stupidly feed and bath your pet but.. the joy of furnishing an empty house to a beautiful house is so the best plez. Its as good as shopping for your clothes and heels.

Oh well, guess I would just have to stick the books to my face asap before I start complaning bout the extremely bad result (I predicted, I know I would complain soon). Why must a students life, full of exams?

I'mma watch my drama first HAHAHAHAHA bye.

The tall chick.

Loves, V.

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