30 April 2009

Be with you

Be with who? Be with me of course! Wilber Pan is back *jeng jeng jeng* *drumrollsssss* *applause*

And the song is obviously specially dedicated to none other than ME!

Its featuring Akon!

I was pretty shocked when I saw the news. I know nothing bout the song. I think its a surprise for me hehe. (The truth is my computer was down for 2 weeks wtf wtf and the news came out on one of the days in that 2 weeks wtf wtf please let me be. His the love of my life!)

How sweet can my man be right? ;)

And did you know that my man cut his hair?! Hehe. Its freaking nerdish but still good looking.

God, my heart just melted ♥_♥

Loves, Vivian.

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