19 May 2009

Asta La Vista!

Ohmygod! Now ask me how my paper was!

Okay don't ask. I'll tell instead wtf. The Forms 4 & 5 started the mid term today and obviously FatVivi loves exam. I wasn't thaaat prepared. Nono or you can say, I wasn't even prepared wtfff. I was planning to study last night but somehow Facebook said hello again and apparently, many of my classmates weren't studying also hehe. So I kinda join them too haha.

So you see I was also planning to study in the morning before the bell rings but.. I was too tired and really restless so I slept again! The horror raawwr. When I woke up, I saw Lazywuon studying in front of me which is when I got a little nervous since I did not study at all. I am placed at the worst sitting place ever. The aircond is blewing directly to me and its so annoying how the hair flies here and there when I'm writing wtf.

Numbs hands + annoyed Vivi = Bad results.
nuff said.

And this is for you, Ah Lan who've been treating me like an angel all these while wtf wtf wtf. I commited a sin again dayyymnnnn.

P/s: I've heard about Megan Fox! Oh god, she better not be one and I'm sure every bloody batang in this world hopes that its not true! I like her body and her face wtf thats if she's a woman okayy. If she's not.. oh well, looks like you guys have got the wrong Goddess! ;P

Loves, V.

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