11 May 2009

And now, we're all set.

Before that,

Happy 17th Birthday, Kyearn.

I'm finally done with the prayers! And decided to give myself a one day off to get some beauty sleep. I haven't been having proper sleeps for 3 nights in a row dei. Each time you wanna just take a 5 minutes rest, the kids around the house would start disturbing you and wake you up. Not just that, there would be someone kicking your chair by accident. I understand that its an accident but wtf wtf when a few people start kicking your chair by "accident", who wouldn't lose their patience and give up sleeping?!!

Started praying since Friday night. Had to wake up early every morning and go back late at night but its all worth it. Hopefully my great grandparents and my grandfather would receive the money, house, servants, etc. we burnt for them :)

Despite the hot weather and unlimited rounds of prayers, I still found my entertainment :P

Baby Zhiwei!

Miss Grumpy.

Miss Grumpy and her uncle.

She got fedup I guess hahahaha.

Time for dramarama. I received my parcel! Thank you, CFF!

Loves, V.

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