30 May 2009

Class Party 09'


It feels so great and relief after the Maths paper. Didn't even really have the heart to sit for the exam. All I looked forward to was beauty sleep and holiday! Oh god, so excited wtf. I can't believe I'm actually on my holiday now hehe.

Anyway, we had our 5 Omega 09' class party yesterday and it was a great success! See you guys, we can actually make things work if we cooperate! A big thankyou to Farah and Sabreena together with her whole family. They prepared everything for all of us and FarahTheTallest even bbq-ed the food for us! Thank you love!

Got ready and went there around 5pm. All of us was clueless on how to start the bbq thing. Ian, being the only guy in the house, didn't know either. It was damn hilarious and it was when I finally found out that I don't have potential to become a freaking housewife (.......) WHATEVER! I'mma get a husband who can cook and clean the house instead hahaha. Pictures time!


Saby's friends suggested that we should put cooking oil to start the fire instead WTF.
& that's Farah on the phone with her dad while saying NOOOOOOO to Ian hahahaha.

Tallest in action.

Praying for the fire to start hahaahha. Watch it!

The praying really worked! The fire started and they started BBQ ;)

The class monitor & the Host.

Ian showing his thaaaanggg.


Han Lun.

I seriously think he kinda looks like C.Rol LOLOLOLOLOL. Not the looks but the style haha.
"Sir, Barcelona won," hahahahahah inside joke.

Lylia and her beau.

He requested for it.

Pn Norliza said, "Derrick macam artist-artist dari Taiwan la,"
*farah, suet & vivian burst out laughing wtf*

She's right. The potato sald was really good. *thumbs up*

LIKE FINALLY!!!!!! Finally you're willing to let me have a picture of you :(

My prison break boyf hahahaha.


which sucks badly. I don't understand the movie at all wtf. Left half way watching.

Part of it.


Love this photo. Ignore the fats wtf.

Can you spot the 'lightbulb'? Hahahahaha.

Eva and her beau.

Farah suggested for a horny shot but wtf I've no idea how the fuck you do horny faces -_-
At least I tried.. and now you know sepet eyes are not horny eyes wtf.



Omg like finally I'm done with this! I've been sitting down in front of the computer since 11pm so you guys better appreciate what I'm doing now :( By the way, please check your email and my facebook for the photos. Please tag yourself please :)

I'mma go have some sleep now.

Loves, V.

28 May 2009

How could you.

I really wonder what are the causes that made a guy this selfish? I know I'm being another busybody to make you believe in what I'm trying to say. And who knows, I might end you up in a big shit but I'm only saying base on what I'm feeling. You need not take my words for real and digest it but you can at least try to think if what I'm saying make sense to you or not.

My words are no longer convincing to you. You were this close to leading a happy and free life. Free from all the dramas and be who you used to be. You only need a little more determination but maybe its what God wants, to make you a tougher and stronger person. But then again, his not everything my dear.

I think I'm going a little too far but you should know why am I saying all these things. If this is the way you want things to be, I'll hope for nothing but the best for you. You know I'll always be here for you no matter what.

Loves, V.

26 May 2009

& I don't care what they say, gonna be with you.

I miss this place so so much. But yknow what, I promise a long post coming soon. Even if I don't get all the pix, I'll make sure this blog is stuffed with Farah's face haha :P

School have been really bad especially the mid yr papers which is killing me badly. Or uhm, skinning me alive wtf. I cannot concentrate and.. the number of things that you need to memorize is zomfgwtfbbq. I gave up, closed my book and went to bed. I miss my beauty sleep so badly wtf.

Anyway, I'mma go sleep now hahahaha. I cannot be bothered to even flip through my Science book nor memorize some bloody nilais to my brain. Oh well, nights everyone! :)


My chiii :D

Apparently, they were 'revising'.

The lovebirds.

Loves, V.