24 April 2009

Where you, Akai Ito?

Nooooooooo blogger on bad mood. Not the typical once a month but I'm toooo stressed out thinking where I should go tomorrow. *Where where?* Where to? Sports day? Movies?

I would never wanna miss my last Sportsday in highschool like that but how come it doesn't seem like a big deal to the others wtf. I'm gonna have transport problems since cSeong is going on a one day trip to.... Pulau Ketam -_-. Like of all places, they chose Pulau Ketam wtf haha. I cannot recall how tragic was it the last time I went there which was 6 years ago ohmy. I was practically crying on the bed, holding Paps hands tightly, worrying if I'm gonna die wtf wtf.

Anyway, now that I found my transport there and SUDDENLY.... I found out that Threads of Destiny is finally on screen!! I've always wanted to watch it so so badly and now its finally out! How how how.

I literally feel like dying, thinking on how to make up my mind wtf



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