26 April 2009

Sri Kuala Lumpur's Sports Day 09!

Its the only day in my entire schooling days that I can scream and shout freely in front of everyone. Everyone loves Sportsday except Peiwuon hahahaha. I bet she's gonna start, "Why why you you you you you you write like that in your blog!! :("

Its also my last sports day wtf. We don't have Sportsday in colleges right? Right. I was quite disappointed when I knew I have no bloody transport home from Sportsday but I insisted to go so Mummykins have no choice but to skip a half an hour of her 'swimming indoor session' for me :P. Had to bloody drag ma ass up at freaking 745am ugh. I didn't even have enough sleep the night but it was all worth it. Fucking worth all my time coz Yellow won hehe.

And jeng jeng, here comes Cheer! The moment everyone have been waiting for in the stadium wtf. As for cheer....... I have nothing to comment or you may say I dare not comment whatever it is wtf. 1) Its not like I know how to dance wtf no rights to comment bout others. 2) Everyone put a big big effort in it takkan I just comment how bad they were right wtf.

So, shut up :)





Enjoy. I am having a fucking pissy headache now.


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