02 April 2009


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and its FRIDAY tomorrow! TGIF TGIF!!!

Am loving Friday to bits despite the subjects that I'm having but goodness, its a half day school day who wouldn't love it right. Time really is flying. It felt like twas' only Monday yesterday wtf. School have been great lately. I'm loving Matrices to bitssssssss! *pauses* I did not lose my mind and yes I'm loving it so so much now. Everything seems to be working on really smoothly lately.

You know the other day I went over to the dentist and got my teeth washed. It feels really annoying in the mouth but wtv am used to it already. "Oh noooo! *freaking annoying tone but I like her, she's nice* That 2 teeth have to come out before it spreads," I shooked my head so hard while screaming NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with my mouth open. *cough* Very not lady like but she was checking my teeth out. She've been warning me since 2 or 3 years back and its not like I really give a shit about lol maybe cos its not serious yet.

But when I was having crazy shit pain toothache last year. The amount of painkillers I ate was horror wtf. Getting up in the middle of the night, banging at mums door while crying badly wtf. The other half of my face was swollen and that time, I would do anything, ANYTHING to get the bloody tooth out of my freaaaaaaaaaaking mouth. Its not disturbing anymore and it doesn't hurt anymore hehe joyyyy! But anyway, it'll have to come sooner or later when moi is getting grillz!

Hah hah, you've failed to break my determination >:)

That's me.. lying down of course wtf. Am actually a guy all these while shhhhhhh......



Okay not funny.

Okay okay I'll tell you the truth kay. The truth is that... that... that.. t.ha....t.. thaaaaaaat.......

Am actually a lazy fat cat.

Loves, V.

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