12 April 2009

LIGHTINGS! *click*

Lazy mode switched off. *pause* hehehe. I'm loving the one day break. We had a Good Friday holiday on Friday (duh? wtf!) and we're having another holiday on Tuesday! The bestest of the besterestest is the parents are going Vietnam next Sunday! Shall get some plans on perhaps? ;)

Anyway, accompanied Peiwuon for a photoshoot with the infamous HumongousKok, Mr Gnes. It was for his assignment purpose though. Joanne and I tagged along to be the uhm.. "director" wtf. I think I was there to create some dumb sound effects or something. The photos look good but the model and the photographer didn't really like the result. I think its pretty good for a first timer k! Peiwuon look freaking hot in the photos hehe *drools*

Nah, some of her candid photos from my phone. Maybe you should check Joanne's blog out for more photos :)

The photo look good right!! YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT WAS IT TO GET THERE WTF TO STEP ON THOSE DISGUSTING GRASSES AND YOU DON'T KNOW IF A SNAKE WOULD POP OUT OF NO WHERE WTF. I know I sound damn exaggerating but no lor. When you're there, you'll think of anything wtf -_-

Headed over to Pyramid later then where I accidentally bumped into my dear dear Derrick Khoo who I dearly dearly missed wtf. We had a plan on watching Confession of A Shopaholic together but I had no idea that the photoshoot would end early and I didn't know that they would agree on going on movies ;( But fret't not D! You have to watch He's Just Not That Into You with me *horny smile*

Rating: 9/10.

I love it. The overall was pretty good and ugh, its just good. I don't really enjoy the crowd though. The whole cinema was so noisy and people couldn't even bother to at least just turn their fucking phones on silent for a 2 hours. Can't you fucking feel vibrations? At least have the courtesy to just silent it la godamnit.

*breathe Vivian, breathe!*

Had Thai Thai for dinner before the movies and twas' good. I think the meal we ate during Valentines was better than today. The worker which I laughed at coz' of his pronounciation the other day, he was still there! And that day itself, we waited forever for our meal. Like seriously forever wtf. Anyway, pineapple fried rice ain't that good and ice lemon tea is very sour wtf. I can go on complaining.

Joanne looks sad. Maybe she didn't like taking pix with Peiwuon :P

She looks happier taking pix with Gnes hehe.

I love the specs to death wtf T___________T


Vivian with the specs that cover her whole brows away & pretty Peiwuon :)

This.... noone wants to take pix with him. Nuff said! :P

I haven't get to finish my homework at all. I thought I didn't have homework wtf but the truth is I do and I have super @$^#% long questions of Science to be completed but but.. how did I actually forget my Science homework wtf.

Hehe. Aren't you curious how I gained back the color of my lips WAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nope, not gonna tell you :D If you guess photoshop, then you're wrong wahahahaha.

Can I not remove this pic, Seng?

Okay la must share abit wtf cause Peiwuon is the one who share it with me lol. This is the secret... *jeng jeng jeng*

No one would have more headaches than me trying to get back my lip color. This is Dior's Lip Maximizer and I bought it at RM85 when I was freaking broke wtf. I gave my last RM100 note from my wallet on this! The truth is.. I brought my angpau money along haha in a angpau packet wtf -_____________- This is good! Its not really a lip gloss though because its actually quite colorless. Give it a try if you have problems like me k! :)

Lazy mode accidentally turned on. *oops!*

Vivian out.

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