06 April 2009


How can anyone possibly miss this concert?! The songs, the sound is to die for. I'm not a big fan of Leehom but under the influence of Bee, I gradually started listening to his song. Not that I go crazy over him though but a guy with good looks, can play many instruments, owns a sexy body with abs *drools* and he sings like an angel wtf! Why do I sound like I'm promoting him? :/

Anyway, had the thought on going on initially but couldn't find anyone to come with me. KenVII would only bring me there if I buy the VIP tix. I don't look stupid, do I? -_-

Why do you even need to pay for the processing fee?! 3 FREAKING BUCKS WEI -_-

Daymnn, I'm feeling so sleepy already and its only 1030pm. Shall get some sleepz now. Shweeeeeetest dreams! ;)

Loves, V.

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