01 April 2009

Happy April's Fool!

I got pranked.... by my stupid cousin yesterday.

That stupid text from him sound so real that I couldn't not believe him okayy. It was quite sudden to receive a text from him, asking if I'm interested in part time job wtf. He don't usually text me unless its something important so I thought it was quite urgent but who knew.. it was a stupid bloody prank. Aishhh, hate you Alvin.

Anyway! Mummykins is home and I miss her badly wtf but I think I'm getting used to the absence of her in this house. You cannot imagine how quiet the house was when she was in Shanghai. Noone bothers to on the telly unless Paps is home. I miss Mum's everything. The yummy food she cooks; nothing beats it.

Oh btw, how was your Earth Hour?! I took part in it okay and surprisingly my neighbour did it too! Nothing sounds wrong right but you've no idea how @#%^#$*#$ my neighbour is. Super self-centered man aish. He was the first house to switched off all the lights okay. Houses along my street were quite serious bout it I guess or either.. their not home yet wtf. cSeong and I went around KK to so called patrol around haha. Many of them took part and some even used candles ohmy wtbang.

I'm finally done with my Moral tugasans!!! JOY.

Loves, V.

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