10 April 2009

A Flooded Room

To be exact, semi flooded. One part of the brother's room was flooded with water. Thank god the water pump is not above my room ceiling! *phew* The water couldn't stop dripping everywhere and practically, the toilet was 'raining' wtf. It even 'rained' from the lights!! The paints on the wall are fugly (ew) and the wallpaper eventually tore apart but its still acceptable. What I cannot tolerate is that...


Very horrible serious major acne problems wtf. Each time I look at it, I would have goosebumps. Its so disgusting. I cannot wait to paint my walls and rip of those ugly wallpapers. Why did Mum even decided the colors for us and not us deciding what color of paint we want for our room? Okay la, we were still young that time ._.

Daayymnnnn, fuck those moodswings.


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